Do you have printing projects that are taking up your time? Are you struggling to send out marketing materials or printed communications to your prospects or customers? Do you need to pack boxes of printed materials?

Fortunately Elite OPS is a print procurement company in Utah that provides a solution to all of those issues and more. We apply expertise in kitting and fulfilling packages to all of our customers’ printing projects. 

We handle:

  • On-demand digital printing
  • Commercial offset printing
  • Variable data printing
  • Wide format printing
  • Store-front materials printing
  • Custom Packaging
  • And much, more!

You can feel confident that we will protect your brand by adhering closely to your brand standards in our high-quality print jobs. We also use digital workflows that are extremely efficient, taking another difficulty away from your employees.


    Our Printing & Procurement Services are designed to deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and to provide a host of collateral benefits as well.

    Get a Return on Investment from Your Printing

    Managed custom printing services from Elite OPS give you the lowest costs of printing we can offer to give you a great return on investment.

    Printing with us gives you cost benefits as we handle:

    Benefits of Procurement and Printing Services

    Our complete print sourcing and procurement services offer the following benefits:

    Higher Income: We create personalized prints for your prospects and customers to increase your revenue, along with getting your communications out more quickly.

    Lower Expenses: Our supply chain and packaging sourcing strategy expertise allows us to reduce wasted materials and eliminate outdated printing methods from your processes.

    More Focus: You can work on your main business functions as we take care of the printing and packaging.

    Faster Workflow: Your employees can work quicker with less frustration by outsourcing the procurement of printed materials to us at Elite OPS.

    Use Elite OPS for Marketing, Corporate Communication, and More

    Our print procurement company in Salt Lake City, UT can help you with:

    • Printing your marketing materials in multiple channels
    • Creating personalized content
    • Managing your n custom packaging needs
    • Fulfilling orders for printed & procured materials
    • Printing storefront materials
    • Supplying a user-friendly interface for ordering from us

    Which Industries Benefit From Print Sourcing & Procurement?

    Many industries benefit from our procurement and custom printing services, as well as our document distribution and electronic communication services. We work with the following industries:

    • Seminars and trainings
    • Franchises
    • Health and wellness
    • Healthcare
    • Ecommerce
    • Subscription box
    • Direct sales
    • Financial services

    Contact Elite OPS For Your Procurement and Printing Needs

    Elite OPS is always working on improving processes for our customers, reducing any waste and improving your return on investment. We deliver high-quality printed materials efficiently and on-time.

    We provide you with the opportunity to communicate better with your customers by using our complete print sourcing and procurement services. Contact Elite OPS today for more information.


    • “Elite Ops is without doubt the best Vendor I have worked with. Dependable, organized and cost effective are just a few words I would use to describe them. I know when Elite is involved they successfully take care of any requests that I ask.”

      Diana Stack, TD Ameritrade
    • “Elite Ops has been a great company to work with. They have greatly eased the burden that comes with shipping and fulfillment. Elite Ops is very responsive to our requests, and they get things done in a timely manner. They also have a great software system that allows us to see which orders have and have not been shipped. I don’t think we could ask for more from a fulfillment center.”

      Derek Johnson, JHR Digital
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