Reverse Logistics Service Provider in Utah

You know that returns are part of doing business, and at ELITE OPS, you can always expect us to go above and beyond with our reverse logistics services in Utah. We don’t simply process returned product—our end-to-end includes recall management, testing and warranty, repair, and remanufacturing. Also, we continually work to identify areas of improvement which boost your bottom line and customer reputation by analyzing returns data.

  • Comprehensive Reverse Logistics & Returns Software
  • Real-Time, Web-Based Visibility in Your Online Portal
  • A Wide Range of Reporting Capabilities
  • Automatic Disposition of Products

With over two decades of experience in the reverse-product life cycle, we have continually worked to improve upon best practices that reverse the loss cycle and uncover hidden value for our customers. As a result, our clients have experienced:

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Improved Cash Flow

with comprehensive return stream management


Reduced Costs

through scalable technology


Reduced Cycle Times

though a more fully integrated system


Improved Business Controls

via a consistent reverse logistics process


Increased Liquidation Values

with diverse re-marketing/re-manufacturing processes


Improved Transportation Effectiveness

through greater adaptivity

With ELITE OPS As Your Service Provider, all of your reverse logistics in Utah are covered.

Minimize your return costs by utilizing our expert return management and repair services. Our reverse logistics in Utah & Atlanta, include returned-goods management, re-manufacturing, inventory repair/return, product testing, and credit validation, as well as re-working, re-packing, re-labeling, re-shipping and re-classifying. Put simply, no reverse logistics services provider in Utah outperforms ELITE OPS in the area of complete returns management.


  • “I wanted to give a huge shout out to Misty, Dalton and his team for getting out all of our back orders within mere hours of receiving my very late, very cursed shipment! That was PHENOMENAL. They obviously pulled out all the stops to make this happen, knowing what a nightmare this shipment had created this week. Please give them all a sincere slap on the back from me. Breathing much easier . . .”

    Caron Rohman, Lune North America Inc.
  • “I wanted to take the opportunity to let all of you know how great it was to work with you during my time at Altius. Your outstanding customer service and commitment as a business partner truly made my job easier. I worked with various vendors during my time there (as well as in other jobs I’ve had) and you guys (and ladies) are easily on the top of my list. I always looked forward to our meetings together, and appreciated your willingness to take on whatever project we threw at you, no matter how difficult. Thanks again for all your hard work, and friendship. I hope we have occasion to work together again!”

    Shawn Swensen, Altius
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