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Our order management services in Utah start from the moment our customers need an inventory management company to handle their materials. Elite OPS can handle the process of storing your products from beginning to end with experience and quality control. Through our Warehouse management system we can:

Receive products in boxes or pallets

Receive incoming products in an organized manner, ensuring that items are properly handled, documented, and stored. This process maintains inventory accuracy and prevents damage, ensuring products are ready for further processing or distribution.

Container receiving and unloading

Unload containers swiftly and safely, transferring goods from shipment to storage. This process reduces downtime and ensures products are moved efficiently into inventory, ready for sorting and further management.

Sorting and segregating

Sort and segregate received items by type, size, or category. This step enhances organization within the warehouse, making inventory management easier and more efficient for subsequent processes.

Selection and custom packaging

Select products based on customer orders and package them according to specific requirements. Custom packaging improves customer satisfaction by ensuring products are packed securely and presented professionally.

Lot recording and location

Record lot details accurately and assign precise storage locations for each product. This process ensures traceability and easy retrieval of items, enhancing overall inventory control and management.

Product labeling

Label products clearly and accurately to ensure quick identification and efficient inventory management. Proper labeling facilitates smoother operations, reduces errors, and helps maintain organized storage.

Inventory Management Company for Customized Inventory and Order Management Services in Utah

Elite OPS understands the importance of quality order & inventory management in Utah. We know our customers are looking for a partner to manage their inventory needs. Elite OPS has the experience and technology to handle your materials and keep track of them through our state of the art warehouse management system (WMS) and we have over 25 years of experience serving the needs of our customers through the use of Inventory control management solutions.

Our state of the art warehousing and inventory order management facilities located in the SLC/Provo areas can service all your inventory order management needs.

Nothing is more frustrating for a company doing its own inventory management than discovering that you’re out of one of the materials and cannot deliver the product. This is one of the biggest reasons companies explore inventory management and inventory control outsourcing options. For over 25 years Elite as an inventory management company has been providing inventory control solutions in:


Proprietary Custom Warehouse Management Technology

from global leader Royal 4


Accurate Management

of shipments, both large and small


FIFO Guarantee

first-in, first-out, every time


Complete Lot Control Management

pinpoint accuracy and total accountability


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

seamless interface with your backoffice software


Product Quarantine

available when necessary


24/7 Visibility

24/7 Visibility

Full-Service Inventory Order Management Services in Atlanta, GA and Utah

Our order management services in Utah start from the moment our customers need a company to handle their materials. Elite OPS can handle the process of storing your products from beginning to end with experience and quality control. Through our Warehouse management system we can:

  • Receive products in boxes or pallets
  • Container receiving and unloading
  • Sorting and segregating
  • Selection and custom packaging
  • Lot recording and location
  • Product labeling


After receiving your products into our Warehousing and fulfillment center, we place them in our state of the art Warehouse management system Royal 4. From there we are able to accurately inventory your products with a qualified team of experts who use our latest technology in managing thousands of materials that flow through our doors each day.

As #1 inventory management company, we use the latest technology to track your products as they deliver. Our order fulfillment and end-to end inventory management services are both crucial to our companies success in offering accuracy and speed to market of your products. Elite OPS can integrate our inventory management systems and your back office of any size client. Elite uses a proprietary software system that allows us to create forms and inventory tracking processes based on each client’s existing system – there’s no changes to make, no new software to integrate and no hassle.

You can experience a complete, end-to-end inventory solution right away, without making changes to your process or integrating new inventory management software. Try our Utah inventory order management services today!

ELITE OPS clients enjoy increased inventory

accuracy & improved speed to market for growing companies.

  • “Elite Ops has been a great company to work with. They have greatly eased the burden that comes with shipping and fulfillment. Elite Ops is very responsive to our requests, and they get things done in a timely manner. They also have a great software system that allows us to see which orders have and have not been shipped. I don’t think we could ask for more from a fulfillment center.”

    Derek Johnson, JHR Digital
  • “We are so grateful for your amazing support and partnership. Elite has made our events successful and made sleeping at night much easier. We love working with you and the entire Elite team and look forward to the many more years of success ahead of us. Again, thank you and know we appreciate you and all you do more than you know.”

    Danielle Stephens, Investools
  • “I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all the effort you have put into our project. Last Friday I spoke with a large wholesale customer that was so happy about how shipping has gone this season. He said it has been the best yet and accuracy has been awesome. We have had positive feedback and in some cases no feedback which is also a great sign because it means there are not problems. It is such a relief to know that we have a solid partner that can nail this aspect of our business for us. I know there have been a few challenges and I appreciate your patience with us. Please tell everyone that plays a part in our operations thank you from us.”

    Craig Rickenbach, CEO, PersnicketyClothing.com

Frequently Asked Questions

At Elite OPS, we offer a variety of warehousing solutions, including 

  • pallet storage 
  • pick-face storage 
  • custom-designed storage plans (tailored to meet your specific business needs) 

Our facilities are equipped with advanced technology to ensure efficient and secure storage of your inventory.

Yes, Elite OPS offers custom packaging services tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need unique packaging designs, special handling, or branded packaging, we can accommodate your needs to enhance your customer experience.

Our flexible and scalable inventory management solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of various sectors.

 We serve a wide range of industries, including 

  • e-commerce, 
  • retail, 
  • manufacturing, 
  • healthcare, and more.

We handle product receiving very carefully. We safely unload, inspect, and document all incoming goods. Items are then sorted, labeled, and stored in designated locations within our warehouse. Our systematic approach ensures that products are easily accessible and well-organized.

Elite OPS uses state-of-the-art inventory management software. This technology ensures efficient and accurate inventory management.

The features include 

  • real-time tracking, 
  • automated reordering, 
  • barcode scanning, 
  • detailed reporting.

Yes, Elite OPS manages returns and reverse logistics efficiently as a top-rated inventory management company. We process returned items, inspect them for quality, and restock or dispose of them as necessary. Our system ensures that returns are handled promptly and accurately.

Elite OPS offers various shipping options, including standard, expedited, and same-day shipping. We work with multiple carriers to provide cost-effective and reliable delivery solutions, tailored to your specific needs and timelines.


Clients can track their inventory through our online portal, which provides real-time visibility into stock levels, order status, and shipment tracking. This transparency allows you to make informed decisions and manage your inventory more effectively.

Security is a top priority at Elite OPS. Our warehouses are equipped with advanced security systems, including surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and restricted access controls. We also have strict protocols in place to ensure the safety and security of your inventory.

Yes, we are equipped to manage seasonal fluctuations and high-demand periods. Our scalable solutions and flexible storage options allow us to accommodate changes in inventory levels, ensuring that your operations run smoothly year-round.

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