Why Inventory Accuracy Matters for a Distribution Company

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Managers of supply chain logistics will tell you that maintaining inventory accuracy is key to delivering the right product to the right place at the right time. Those who struggle with accuracy in their inventory levels will also be negatively impacted in customer service, sales, and their bottom line. As a leading distribution company in the United States, Elite OPS offers these four tips for achieving inventory accuracy.

Utilize Technology

Technology is vital when it comes to establishing accurate inventory levels. With variations on a single product creating a number of different SKU’s for that product, combined with human error, inventory inaccuracy can happen. However, when you utilize state of the art technology to track the movement of each product on your shelves, managing your inventory levels becomes a much simpler task.

Cycle Counts

Tedious and boring? Yes. Worth the outcome? Absolutely! Performing periodic cycle counts helps our distribution company to ensure all inventory levels are accurate and accounted for, and save you any embarrassing mishaps due to out of stock items, that could lead to lack of sales and poor brand reputation.

Defined Inventory Parameters

Supply chain logistics managers will help you set parameters for inventory to ensure accuracy. These include factoring in transit times, safety stock inventory, ordering economic amounts of inventory, and more. Considering these things in the beginning is another way we help protect your brand reputation.

Organized Warehouse Management System

A good distribution company will have an organized WMS system within their warehouse. Areas that are inaccessible and poorly lit can lead to lost items and increase the risk of damage to mistakes. To avoid these problems, Elite OPS provides a properly lit storage space with accessibility to all products, label systems, and storage plans and uses state of the art WMS technology to help us track every unit as it comes in and ships out.


If you are searching for a distribution company to assist you with all your supply chain logistics, contact Elite OPS today!

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