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Retail sales are continually being outpaced by online sales, a trend that has been on the rise since 2012. Forrester Research predicts that by 2017 online sales will grow to $370 billion in revenue. With statistics like these, it is imperative that online retailers increase both their customer satisfaction and loyalty in order to continue bringing in their share of the profits. However, customer satisfaction does not end when your product is ordered, but continues all the way through the time the customer receives it.


These five elements of an online retailer’s supply chain logistics should be considered in order to increase their bottom line.

  1. Accurate Orders, Every Time: Voxware conducted a recent consumer survey that revealed 29% of customers will not shop with a company again after receiving one wrong order. With the power of social media enabling customers to broadcast their bad experiences and influes friends and family, this could impact brand image. Our distribution company places accuracy as one of our highest priorities.
  2. Realistic Delivery Dates: According to Comscore, 42% of customers will abandon their shopping cart because the delivery date is too far out, while 41% will actually recommend a company when they receive their product in a timely manner. Turning around order within the same or next day is critical to your business. If your product is consistently on backorder, or delivered late, it may be time to trust a supply chain logistics company to take over.
  3. Include Order Tracking Options: 75% of customers believe every retailer should offer this service either through the retailer’s website directly, or with email notifications. Providing this service alone increases customer loyalty.
  4. Speedy Delivery, Low Costs: Thanks largely to online extraordinaire, Amazon, consumer expectations for delivery have been raised. Voxware found that 48% of consumers want their orders within four days at little or no shipping cost to them, and that 17% will no longer shop with a retailer after receiving one late delivery. That number increases to 55% if a late delivery is received a second or third time. Those retailers completing tasks of order fulfillment on their own may struggle to meet these high expectations.
  5. Free or Discounted Shipping: A whopping 65% of customers will recommend a retailer due to the availability of free shipping, Shipping costs should be clearly stated to customers before they get to the checkout page.

By considering these elements, a retailer will be able to increase their customer loyalty and satisfaction rates. Our supply chain logistics company is here to help in any of these aspects to ensure you have the winning formula for achieving customer loyalty.

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