Why Your Small Business Should Use a Kitting and Assembly Service

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The early stages of building your business can be difficult, stressful, and incredibly time-consuming, especially for a new business owner. It’s often not until you find yourself in the thick of things that you realize just how much work is required to maintain an excellent reputation and great relationship with your customers.  At Elite OPS, our goal is to help you maintain your stellar business by taking the on the responsibility of storing, kitting, assembling, and shipping items for you, giving you one less thing to worry about.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

We at Elite OPS have been working to make life easier for small business owners like yourself since 1995 when we first opened our doors as an order fulfillment and operations management company. At this time, we had no idea how valuable our services would be for our customers, taking away the headache of storing products, receiving shipments, and ultimately assembling, kitting, and shipping out orders. Choosing to outsource your inventory management needs lessens your load, leaving it in the hands of our highly experienced team whose sole purpose is to offer the best service possible to you and your customers.

Kitting Services

Kitting is an essential part of the shipping process for most businesses and often includes making sure different components being shipped to you from various companies are put together correctly to create a finished product. Assembling a kit for shipment can also mean making sure an order is packed correctly to fill a customized order.

Whatever your kitting needs include, we have the knowledge and experience you need to be sure every product shipped from your company meets your customer’s expectations.

Assembly Services

In the event that you prefer to have kits pre-assembled and waiting to be shipped from the warehouse on demand, we can definitely help. We are well-equipped to create custom packaging for your products, and will do anything we can to be sure your customers have the best experience possible. We keep an open dialogue with you so you always know what’s going on in our warehouse by providing you a secure client access center to help you monitor orders, track packages, and stay in the loop with all of your shipping needs.

Save Money

One of the largest benefits of outsourcing your warehouse needs to Elite OPS is the money you will save. Time is money, and we save you time so you can focus on bettering your brand, developing new products, and interacting with your customers. Think of how much more you’ll be able to accomplish when you can focus your attention on building your company without the worry of managing inventory and shipping orders.

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Let our exceptional team at Elite OPS manage your company’s warehouse needs and see what a difference it makes for you in the time and money you will save.

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