What is the Kitting and Assembly Process Like?

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In warehouse spaces, kitting is the combining of individual pieces into a complete package, known as a “kit” informally. Kitting and assembly services provide companies with specialized labor and service that save them time and resources. This is effective because not every company has an assembly area for their goods, and even those that do will sometimes need help when they are under a heavy load.

Providing a Key Need

Put simply, kitting and assembly procedures are about saving your company time and effort. You have a certain amount of time, labor, and funds that can go into any given project. Some businesses are so hung up on “saving” that they will attempt to fulfill everything themselves. While there are advantages to fulfilling on everything in-house, it requires a large investment in both time and resources to do the job right. For many, outsourcing is ultimately more cost-effective.

Typically, kitting and assembly in a warehouse is done via a multi-step system, as follows:

  • Receiving- physically collecting the pieces you are selling.
  • Storage- Placing and maintaining inventory in a controlled environment.
  • Picking- Choosing the right pieces for the labor team to assemble.
  • Packing- Boxing up the finished product and getting the shipping labels on.
  • Distribution- Shipping out the boxed goods to customers.
  • Confirmation- Ensuring that the delivery was made to the right location.

Kitting and assembly services use this process to gather together your goods that need to be assembled and placed together into packages. They also will help with storage and the distribution of your product. Confirmation is then made when successful delivery has occurred. For the business that doesn’t specialize in kitting, has a shortage of labor, or is swamped, these services are invaluable.

The Perks Are Real

Not every business has adequate storage space to keep inventory for a long period of time, and having to fulfill on all kitting in-house could throw a wrench into normal processes. From a time value of money standpoint, these services free you up to focus on your normal processes as needed.

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