Why Free Shipping is a Must for your Business

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The promise of free shipping is one of the easiest ways to attract customers to your business. Especially over holidays when online sales are prevalent, people look for free shipping as an incentive to make purchases. When you’re looking for a simple way to draw attention to your business and encourage sales, offering free shipping is a powerful strategy.

Different Ways to Offer Free Shipping

There are several different ways to offer free shipping to your customers that can actually be beneficial to your bottom line, and don’t consist of making a blanket statement of free shipping on every order. These include:

  • Free shipping for VIP members only
  • Free shipping when you spend a certain amount (i.e. free shipping on orders of $50 or more)
  • Free shipping for a certain holiday, event, or limited time
  • Free shipping with the purchase of a certain item

Depending on your business, you can find the type of free shipping promotion that best works for you and use it to your benefit.

Attract Customers

Avid online shoppers are always on the hunt for businesses offering free shipping, especially when making a purchase from a company for the first time. Offering free shipping easily attracts new customers to your website, and a stellar product will keep them coming back for more.

Boost Sales

A free shipping offer can help you secure a sale you otherwise might not get. Oftentimes, customers find items they’d like to buy, but perhaps feel like they can’t justify the cost when they factor shipping charges into the total. The promise of free shipping eliminates some of the worry of making a purchase, and will leave many customers placing orders that they otherwise may not have made.

Encourage Customers to Spend More

This is especially common when you offer free shipping on an order totaling a specific amount. Many customers would rather purchase more items to receive free shipping because they’d rather have something tangible to show for the extra money they spend, rather than feeling like they threw it away on a shipping cost. There are a lot of customers who are more likely to spend more money on a purchase if it means they don’t have to pay for shipping.

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