4 Ways to Gain “Preferred Shipper” Status

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If you desire to become your customers’ preferred shipping company, here are the four features (and a bonus 5th feature) you must offer them in order to earn that status title.

1- Keep Shipping and Storage Costs Low

Although price isn’t necessarily the most important way to win over customers, often it is the first thing they look at when shopping around for a preferred shipping company.  Your prices do need to be competitive but if you offer value-added services or cost-effective strategies, customers will realize you offer the greater deal.

Services and strategies you can provide include:

  • Affordable daily storage rates
  • Shipping confirmation emails and tracking numbers
  • Internet fulfillment
  • Backorder shipments
  • Pallet and freight services

2- Offer Same-Day and Free Shipping

These days, immediate shipping is often the desire of customers. Be sure to offer same-day and next-day shipping options in order to please those who are in a rush to receive their order.

However, shopping cart abandonment rates can decrease significantly if you also offer your customers free shipping options, even if delivery takes a bit longer.

3- Provide International Shipping

Our world is now a global marketplace and providing your international customers with efficient and affordable worldwide shipping is a great way to widen your reach.

Follow every rule and regulation and provide all the required documentation including an Export Declaration form, a copy of your Export Commercial invoice, and/or a bill of lading.

4- Give Kitting and Assembly Service Options

Many companies are looking for a shipping partner who can also help with efficiency, convenience, and lower costs by also giving kitting and assembly service options.

When you can gather a variety of products (point-of-sale, print, or electronic items) and assemble them into a box or kit before sending, you are offering your customer a great benefit.

The Bonus 5th (and Most Important) Thing You Can Provide

As important as all these features are to customers, truly the most important thing a shipping company can provide is dependability. When packages are always delivered on time and in great condition, your customers will trust you exclusively and rely on you consistently as their preferred shipper.

For all of your Utah shipping service needs, contact Elite Ops today.

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