5 Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Running Smooth During the Holidays

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With the holiday season in full swing, having a smooth-running warehouse is critical for the vitality of your business. Along with the hyper-production of goods comes an array of increased risks, considerations, and workloads – all which can catapult your warehouse into chaos if you’re not properly prepared. However, with these five tips, you can keep your employees safe and your warehouse running smooth.

  • Have Adequate Staffing

Even if you have a rockstar warehouse crew, chances are you’ll need additional help over the holidays. Hire seasonal employees in advance to help make production go smoother and give them time to get to understand how your warehouse is run.

  • Make Organization a Priority

Without an organized warehouse, you risk losing products, misplacing orders, and ultimately hindering the efficiency of production. While organization is key for warehouse operation year round, it’s even more vital during the holiday season. Therefore you must establish a system that keeps your materials in logical and defined order so that you can increase your efficiency by grouping and defining products.

  • Maintain Equipment

Warehouse injuries most often occur from equipment malfunction. Before your holiday season gets underway, conduct a detailed, thorough walkthrough to ensure all equipment is functioning properly.  

  • Utilize Necessary Technology

In today’s era, there is a ton of technology you can use to help ensure your warehouse runs smoothly. Consider implementing software for material handling, warehouse management, inventory control, labor, equipment maintenance, shipping and much more. You can also use technology to help streamline your returns’ process and optimize your reverse logistics.

  • Safety First

Develop and implement a safety-check policy where all equipment is surveyed daily to ensure everything is in safe, working condition. Maintain a clean environment that’s free of obstacles and debris. Most importantly, create a “Safety First” warehouse environment to encourage all employees to take safety seriously.

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