5 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction Without Breaking the Bank

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In business, it’s essential to maintain an edge on the competition if you want to be successful. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to make the big changes they’d like, especially small business owners.

One of the most powerful (and most affordable) ways to gain a competitive edge is to increase customer satisfaction. Here are 5 simple things you can do to help improve customer satisfaction and give you that advantage you need.

1. Review Training with Employees Regularly

It doesn’t need to be a large training with special speakers brought in for motivational purposes, but it is important to be sure you’re regularly reviewing customer service training with your employees, especially those employees who are the face of your business. Make sure they know and understand policies and procedures, how to answer basic customer questions, and how to handle an angry customer. Encourage them to remain professional at all times and treat customers with respect.

2. Offer Special Discounts

Everyone likes saving money. Receiving coupons and special discounts will actually encourage customers to patron your business more often, helping you increase revenue and foster brand loyalty. Consider creating a customer rewards program for customers who frequent your business so they know you appreciate them. Keep things fun and give real value, and your customers will enjoy interacting with your business.

3. Outsource Fulfillment Needs

Another excellent way to keep customers happy (and save money) is by outsourcing your fulfillment needs. Turning your storage and shipping needs over to a third party distribution company allows you to focus on offering the best customer service possible, while knowing every shipment is going out quickly, supply chain logistics are being properly handled, and returns are being taken care of professionally.

4. Take Customer Reviews to Heart

Send out surveys to customers, read reviews on your website, and take customer feedback to heart. Your customers are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what works and what doesn’t in your business, making them an invaluable resource to help you better your business. In addition, when your customers know they have a voice and that you hear them, they will appreciate your business even more.

5. Go Above and Beyond

Taking the time to follow up with your customers will definitely resonate with them and may earn you a customer for life. Send thank you notes and reach out personally whenever possible to let customers know that they matter to you and that you appreciate them.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Now

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