5 Ways To Improve Business Organization & Management Speed

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5 Ways To Increase Business Organization and Management Speed


Discrepancies in money or resources between you and your competitors may come down to a simple concept that can determine who has the edge in your market: Time.


Everyone is given the exact same amount of time in each day, but some people simply use it differently and more effectively than others. It is time that allows us to fund-raise, advertise, learn, train, communicate, organize, travel, etc. and the way we do each of those tasks cumulatively can determine our level of growth and success, both personally and professionally.


Make the most of your time to improve your business practices and become a more effective leader with these 5 tips:


  • Streamline Communication


Today, communication is instant. You can send a text, IM, FaceTime, or call anyone, anywhere. While convenient, this can also create new problems in efficiency. Email, for example, can take a lot of time if it’s used for collaborations or to plan a project. If possible, use email for confirmations only and try to make plans and give instructions in-person or over the phone. This eliminates the waiting game and clears up any miscommunication problems that can interfere with productivity or expectations.


  • Strategize Inventory Management


Entrepreneurs wear many hats, but some of those hats would better fit another employee or even another company. Inventory management is one of those hats that can be worn by another to free up time and energy. CEO’s and entrepreneurs would be wise to utilize a distribution company to manage inventory and handle all matters related to distribution. This frees up time, space, and money so more effort can be spent on revenue-generating efforts.


  • Make a “To-Do WELL” List


Trying to do too many things at once causes quality to suffer, but there often isn’t enough time to do everything, and some tasks are more important than others. So instead of just listing your responsibilities as they come to you, organize your list of daily tasks in order of importance so that you get what matters done first and foremost. The menial tasks are saved for later or even another day if necessary. This way the bulk of your time is not spent on tasks that yield insignificant results, and you can also start noticing which things you don’t seem to have time for that can be delegated.


  • Reduce Distractions


Along with the first tip, constant access to email notifications and messaging alerts is a huge distraction to today’s professionals. Being interrupted by the ding of a text or email can shift your focus away from more important tasks, and take you a long time to recover. Be disciplined about only checking your email at specific times, like once in the morning, once at lunch, and once before the work day ends. Turn off notifications on your phone and set time aside for breaks so you have some down time scheduled into your day.


  • Be Willing to Change


Sometimes it’s ourselves that hold us back the most, so it’s important to be flexible and open-minded as you make important business decisions. Make time for personal development and continuing education. Study the habits of successful people in your and other sectors to find new ways to increase productivity and growth. Assess your practices, asking yourself what you’d do differently if tomorrow were your first day on the job, or if you were an outsider looking in at your company.


You can increase your business organization and management speed by following these 5 steps and partnering with Elite Ops, a Utah distribution company that can help simplify your distribution processes and allow you to optimize your time and resources.

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