5 Ways to Build Customer Relationships in Your Off-Season

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Build Customer Relationships and Increase Off-Season Profits with These 5 Tips

When you operate a seasonal business, you know how to work hard and fast during your peak sales months. Once the off-season begins, you might find yourself wondering what you can do to keep your business profitable.


The off-season is a perfect time to focus on building and maintaining relationships with your customers. Use these ideas to help bring in both profit and customers that will be loyal all year round.

1. Get Creative with Your Content Marketing

Compelling content has no off-season. Your customers don’t cease to exist once your top-selling season is over. Stay engaged throughout the year to build a stronger relationship with your customers.


One way to make sure you stay on your target customer’s mind is to create compelling content that matches their current situation. For example, if you sell snow-sport equipment, you might write or share a blog called “7 Ways for Skiers to Stay Sharp in Summer” or “5 Things You Can Do in the Off-Season to Care for Your Snowboard.”


Quality content can help you maintain relationships with current customers and appeal to new clients. Use social media to stay connected all year round.

2. Take Advantage of the Season Build Up and Cool Down

Create content that starts the hype for your peak season before it begins. If you’re selling new products in the upcoming season, start posting teasers on your website and social media accounts. Hold contests for new product giveaways to get people excited.


As your busy season starts to wind down, keep the love for your company going by asking for customer reviews or hosting a photo competition featuring customers using your products.

3. Start a Rewards Program

Give your customers a reason to come back again and again. Customer loyalty programs encourage repeat visits by rewarding customers who frequent your company.


The style of the reward program will depend upon your individual business, but a few examples include punch cards where the 10th purchase is free, points you can cash in for free product or services, and company cash you can accumulate based on how much you spend each visit.

4. Create Off-Season Sales and Discounts

After a couple of months of winter, it doesn’t take much to get people to reminisce about summer and look forward to warm weather. Latch onto the summer nostalgia and put on a winter sale. Customers will be excited to take advantage of the discounts, and you can make some money to pull you through the slower months.


Off-season sales can be a great way to clear out old inventory and make room for new products. They are also a good way to get customers in the door. Limited-time offers and pop-up sales can help create a sense of urgency with your customers, so they’ll feel like they need to act now to take advantage of the savings.

5. Build Strong Relationships with Locals

If your business is primarily supported by tourists during your busy seasons, you have a great opportunity to strengthen your weaker months with locals. During the offseason, they may be more amenable to trying out your business when it’s not quite so busy.


Try offering discounts specifically for locals. Partner with local schools and organizations for raffles, giveaways, and more. Make sure you aren’t thought of as just a tourist stop, but as a local institution. Get involved in community traditions, or maybe start a few of your own.


When your business is seasonal, we know order fulfillment, warehouse management and inventory management are a huge part of your business success. Contact us today to learn how our Utah distribution company can help your business with these and more!

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