Keep Your Employees Motivated With These Simple Tips

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4 Tips to Motivate Employees Without Breaking the Bank

Keeping employees motivated can be a challenge as it requires constant effort and attention to each employee as an individual. For companies where employee satisfaction isn’t a top priority, supervisors and managers may have an especially difficult time boosting their team’s morale, especially with no room in the budget to put toward team building retreats or training. For managers looking to motivate their employees without the support of upper management, both financially and otherwise, there are some things you can do to really boost your employees’ efforts without breaking the bank.

1. Maximize Communication Efforts

Employees like to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts. They want to feel like a valuable member of a team and that their concerns and feedback are heard.

One of the very best things a good manager can do to motivate his or her employees is to communicate openly on a regular basis, both as a team and one on one. Keep employees updated on any new company changes in procedure that may affect their work, clue them in on customer feedback both good and bad, and update them on any changes within their department. Encourage your employees to come to meetings with questions and feedback, ideas for improving their work methods, and requests for support. These communication efforts will help each employee feel included as well as assist in helping each individual feel as though their voice and feedback matters.

2. Provide Opportunities for Employees to Further Develop Their Unique Skills

If there is ever an opportunity to include your employees in on executive meetings or supervisor meetings where they can get a better feel for the company’s bigger picture and goals, do so. If there are any upcoming training seminars that specific employees could benefit from to help them hone their work skills, see what you can do to help them attend these seminars. Doing so can motivate employees and help them improve their skills and insight, making them much better workers in the long run.


3. Address Employee Concerns Early On

Managers who practice regularly listening to employees’ concerns and complaints will find that their employees are more likely to trust them and turn to them for support rather than to the rest of the team in a spirit of discontent. Even if an employee complaint cannot be completely resolved to an employee’s complete satisfaction, just the fact that you address the complaint and seek to understand will go a long way in helping employees feel appreciated. Work to maintain an open-door policy so employees feel like they can approach you as needed.

4. Be Open to Re-Defining Duties and Responsibilities

Keeping your employees satisfied and motivated may mean occasionally re-defining duties and responsibilities as needed. For example, consider switching certain duties to interns or new hires looking to get their feet wet and will appreciate the opportunity to prove themselves. Sincerely consider offering promotions to those who are seeking such and have been working hard in their current positions. Your employees will be happy to work for a manager that notices their strengths and puts those strengths to good use.


These are just some of the many ways you can motivate your employees and help them feel like a valuable member of your company team.


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