Reverse Logistics: Get Smart When You Handle Returns

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You feel confident in your product; it is high-quality, has been thoroughly tested, and you are certain that your customer will enjoy it. But sometimes no matter how much work we put into our final product, the customer returns it for different reasons. A product returned is not ideal because it does not always get resold, so how can you handle returns the smart way?

Step 1: Craft a clear and concise return policy

First of all, you need to make sure that you have a clear and concise return policy in place: one that works for the customer and for you. Remember, as a business owner your aim is to nurture and build a positive relationship with your customers so that you can maintain your customer base and expand it. The way you treat your returns can have a big impact on your customer’s decision making process, and can make all the difference the next time they need your product, or how they refer to you the next time they are chatting with their friends.

Step 2: Track your returns

Secondly, it is a good idea to track and analyze your returns. You will be able to acquire interesting and useful data that could give you an indication as to why your products are being returned. It will give you the opportunity to improve things thus preventing, or at least minimizing, future returns for specific reasons.  

Step 3: Keep returns short and sweet

Finally, keep the whole process as short as possible. Another important benefit of having a return policy is that it helps your staff manage returns at a faster pace. No questions asked, just keep to the policy, and the customer will have your product in their hands much faster, which is really the aim of the game. Your logistics and supply chain will run smoother, and the whole process of having to handle returns becomes easier for all.

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