Your Ultimate Guide To Kitting And Assembly Services

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What Is Kitting and Assembly?

Kitting and assembly are the services of placing separate items into a single package that will be shipped to a customer. When a business receives different items from various vendors, the kitting and assembly processes then group them into single packages that act as single SKUs for customers.

Many companies save time by outsourcing their kitting operations to a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider, which performs kitting and assembly automatically. This frees up the company to focus on product quality and customer service, as well as making more space in their warehouse.

Kitting in Warehouse

When items are stored in a warehouse, ready to be shipped when ordered, a company may use kitting in the warehouse to save labor time, and costs. For example, if analysis shows that certain products are often ordered together (such as pens and legal pads), those items can be assembled into kits in advance, if the demand is high enough. 

Kitting in Manufacturing

Would you like to know how kitting and assembly can boost your business? Another method is to use kitting in manufacturing. A firm can organize the manufacturing process to efficiently lead toward final, assembled kits. 

There is a plan for each separate item and the place it will occupy in the kit, and this plan affects the way materials and finished items flow through the manufacturing line. This means the assembly line workers are participating in the initial creation of the final kits. 

In contrast, if kitting is only used in the warehouse, this process only affects items that are about to be sold. But kitting in manufacturing occurs during the creation of the separate items, which is more efficient. If your firm can automate kitting during manufacturing, you will save even more on costs in your overall operations.

How Kitting and Assembly Services Can Boost Your Business

If you hire a 3PL to perform kitting and assembly services for your business, you can expect benefits such as these: 

  • Fewer mistakes during shipping
  • Fewer returned orders
  • Efficient, lower-cost shipping
  • Less warehouse space used
  • Orders sent out more quickly because kits have already been created in bulk
  • A lower number of SKUs to track
  • Less time and mental bandwidth used on logistics

To secure these and other benefits for your business, you can find out more about kitting and assembly services from Elite OPS. Learn more about our areas of expertise, or contact us today for a free quote that can reduce your costs and improve your operations.

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