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If you are an eCommerce business, the one thing you must have complete control over is Inventory.

You may hold a small amount of inventory in your garage or rent a large storage space to hold more inventory. You may have setup a system to do it all yourself and it works great. But for how long can you do it yourself and at what price in the long run? There will come a time when your growth will be slowed down because of inefficiencies caused by lost time in inventory management. You need to know how much inventory is selling and how much you have on hand. You need to receive new inventory and manage current inventory like a boss. How will you manage that? What if sales explode this holiday season? Will you be able to handle it? Elite OPS can!


Elite OPS – A Warehousing and Inventory Management Partner

You need a Warehouse and Inventory Management partner like Elite OPS. A partner that has experienced the ins and outs of Inventory Management for over 25 years. A partner that has handled many different types of products and worked with a variety of business models.

We have the resources, expertise, experience and technology needed to manage this part of your business. Elite OPS uses state of the art technology to receive and store your products in our 200,000 square foot warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah. We keep track of your inventory and provide real-time online updates so that you can make inventory control decisions anytime you need to, 24-7, from anywhere you want.

With the time saved by us, you have more time to focus on upgrading your product or diversifying into more products.  Or work on marketing your business more aggressively online. You do what you do best and we do what we do best!


Efficiency, Security, Experience!

With an industry-leading warehouse management system, we are able to operate efficiently and securely to handle your product. From receiving your product from your suppliers to shipping it out to your customers, we handle every aspect of it in-house. Our highly trained and experienced team coupled with advanced shipping technology ensures that correct products are shipped to the correct customers in a timely manner. Fire and theft monitors ensure your products are kept safe. If your products require special storage options like climate control, we got it handled too!


Our Inventory Management Solutions:

  • Receive products in boxes or pallets
  • Container receiving and unloading
  • Sorting and segregating
  • Selection and custom packaging
  • Lot recording and location
  • Product labeling


We have in-depth experience working in these industries:

  • eCommerce and Online Retailers
  • Health Care Industry
  • Seminar Training Companies
  • Electronic Products requiring Kiting and Assembly
  • Apparel Distribution
  • Food or Health Supplement Distributors


Bottom Line

When you eliminate warehouse and inventory management, and shipping from your daily business processes, you will save money and realize positive returns on our relationship. With time and money saved, you get to concentrate on your business.


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