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National Logistics Provider and Fulfillment Management Services

As business grows, your limited space and manpower may become a crippling bottleneck when trying to meet your customer needs. Your company’s logistics demands speed, accuracy and organization to continue to thrive; Elite OPS can help. By outsourcing your logistics, warehousing, shipping and fulfillment we can help your business grow and expand while saving you the massive overhead of developing your own solutions.

Elite specializes in its ability to integrate within your organization’s standard operations, industry demands, and company strategies. We want to learn about how you do business, and most importantly, how to best take care of your customer base and keep them satisfied.

Elite OPS answers all of your logistics demands

We easily meet the demands for both domestic and international order fulfillment. Our delivery options allow you to honor any client request while minimizing your shipping costs no matter the parcel size or quantity.

• Domestic freight and parcel shipping
• International mailing, Ground and Air service
• Scalable inventory management
• State of the Art Warehouse Management System (WMS)
• In-bound freight logistics
• Returns Management

We take the worry out of logistics nightmares such as seasonal spikes, auto-shipping, drop-shipping, and scale quickly and easily to your growing needs when branching out to new markets and products. Efficiency and exceptional dependability is important to keep your business steady and ready for growth. Elite OPS is here to help you continue to succeed.

Complete fulfillment services

Elite OPS offers you a complete fulfillment partner. With nearly 25 years of experience in logistics, warehousing and distribution alone, we are the industry standard you can rely on for your business’ order fulfillment. With an industry-leading tracked shipping accuracy of 99.9% you can be absolutely certain your clients are receiving their products on time, complete and accurate every time.

You have a business to run. The time, expense and worry of package tracking, differing and often changing delivery schedules, inventory management and organization can be overwhelming. Allow us to be the extension of your company you need to handle all this hassle and so much more. It’s time to focus on the core priorities of your growing business and let us make sure your “backroom” is managed properly.

Our fully visible and convenient WMS

With a powerful and simple-to-use Warehouse Management System, you and your customers are able to track and check up on orders and deliveries quickly and easily. Email confirmations are sent to both parties the moment a delivery leaves our fulfillment center using your branding and custom company message. Our state of the art technology allows you to view reporting, and handle event management on all of your orders and inventory.

With a simple web interface you and your clientele can access the real-time information at any time of any day. Here, our clients can:

• Enter orders
• View the order status of incoming and shipped goods
• Access real time inventory levels
• Manage lot and serial number control
• View outgoing shipments
• Run a variety of reports and receive automatic notifications of stock-outs

Distribution handled by the experts

We don’t allow for an acceptable margin of error. In order fulfillment, there is no such thing. A preventable error no matter the size sets an unacceptable precedent, and we make certain that’s not an option. Your logistics needs will shift at a moment’s notice with sales, seasonal items and new product launches, and Elite is prepared and capable.

Orders placed within our stated operating hours are shipped SAME DAY. Those that are not are quickly handled the following business day. Our secure facilities will keep your products safe and well organized so we are never caught unable to meet your changing needs. Let us show you the difference an outsourced logistics service can make and let your business thrive.

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