Rethinking Logistics Supply Chain for Your Online Business

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If you offer a product for sale online via ecommerce, a supplement company or direct sales, chances are you have a few frustrations with storage, inventory and shipping. Not to mention, returns can be a nightmare. Maybe you even have problems with mixing, packaging, and labeling. Have no fear, Elite Ops is here! Elite Ops specializes in logistics supply chain management. Elite Ops understands your frustrations with allocating time to inventory issues when you have many other pressing issues to deal with running your business. If you sell ecommerce products, supplements, raw superfoods or direct sales products, Elite Ops is the best choice to streamline your services.

The Best Inventory Tracking Software

If you sell products online, inventory tracking software can be complicated and expensive. Elite Ops will manage your inventory with their top-of-the-line software that allows you to login at anytime to the online portal to see your orders and inventory. You can hand over this complicated part of your business, knowing it will reduce the amount of errors when you hire Elite Ops to manage your logistics supply chain. They have over 99% accuracy in shipping, and their storage facility is all organized with their high-end technology. You can utilize their mixing facility if you sell supplements, or you can utilize their kitting and pick and pack services to customize orders and increase customer satisfaction. Because the supply chain logistics are streamlined, you will be able to fill orders faster and increase your online business growth with ease.

Staff that is Flexible with Your Needs

One of the hardest parts of running a company is figuring out how many employees to have and how to delegate tasks. Elite Ops will take away the headaches of how to delegate manpower for your logistics supply chain. They respond quickly to your customer needs and they will interface your online cart with their technology, so you do not even have to alert them when orders are placed. You are going to be able to focus on what you love about your company and have more peace of mind so you can focus on ideas and build lasting customer relationships.

Storage Space that will Grow with You

Not only does Elite Ops offer temperature controlled storage, they even have a mixing facility that will use your raw materials and generate your finished products. This is an all-inclusive logistics supply chain that will ensure accuracy on your orders and impress your customers. Elite Ops handles returns and all shipments are made the day orders are placed. Elite Ops will ship to your customers around the world so you do not have to have several smaller and costly shipping centers. Elite Ops has 150,000 square feet of storage space and can expand that 500%.

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