3 Ways Elite OPS is Doing eCommerce Order Fulfillment Services Right.

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As a small business owner, outsourcing to a 3PL warehouse may seem like a scary endeavor. Elite OPS tries to eliminate the fear of outsourcing by providing three important elements in our eCommerce order fulfillment services.



By clearly communicating with each small business owner, we are better able to meet shipping and order deadlines. We ensure that we know our turnaround time and cut off dates, and that we are providing complete-accurate-timely (CAT) information throughout the entire eCommerce order fulfillment services process. To keep the flow of communication, we request information relating to order details, packaging requirements, delivery, dispatch and related documentation up front  to ensure each item in your product line is handled efficiently. By keeping an open dialogue, small businesses that trust us with their fulfillment experience higher fulfillment rates.



Elite OPS uses state of the art technology to ensure our warehouse runs smoothly and efficiently. This information technology allows us to track the movement of each piece of inventory from beginning to end, and, assists us in handling production delays, shipping delays and more. By utilizing our WMS software, we are able to enhance customer communication and provide them with a complete end-to-end picture of their inventory and product levels.


Delivering Future Requirements Proactively

From sales forecasts to taking the time to understand your product and packaging needs, a 3PL warehouse is able to handle critical points in your supply chain. Sales forecasts help us to plan our own operations and to be prepared for changes in your sales flow, while allowing you to prepare your resources during peak times to ensure your fulfillment rate remains high during times of increased sales volume. Our logistics managers are proactive and take time to discuss your products and fulfillment needs with you to understand how our services can best benefit your business.

3PL warehouse providers are there to assist you with your fulfillment needs, but your ability to provide these providers with the information they need is critical to the process. Sharing the correct information will bring alignment to your supply chain strategy, and ensure seamless planning and execution throughout the supply chain.

Elite OPS assists small, medium, and large businesses achieve their goals with fulfillment expertise by keeping them up to date through the entire process. Call us today to discuss all your warehousing needs.


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