4 Tips for Warehouse Facility Management

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Managing a warehouse is an important part of running a business. Inefficiencies within your warehouse can cost you thousands of dollars or more every year. Use the 4 following tips to keep your warehouse running smoothly.

Get Organized

All the inventory in the world is worth nothing if you can’t find it and ship it to customers in time. A disorganized warehouse will cost your business money in overstocked and understocked products as well as wasted time.

Organization is more than simply knowing where to find your product. The best warehouses include logic and sales information to guide its design. The fastest selling product should always be the most accessible.

Set Up a Proper Receiving Routine

With the right receiving routine, you can avoid larger problems later on in the process. As you receive products and materials, verify and inspect the incoming items. Take note of damaged products; you don’t want to end up sending damaged goods to a customer.

An efficient receiving process allows for a more accurate inventory count. Items often show up as available in inventory systems once they’ve been delivered. If a product is stuck in receiving due to an inefficient system, you might mistakenly assume there is a shortage based on empty inventory shelves.

Invest in the Right Software

Software can make or break your warehouse. Technology moves at a rapid pace; if you’re still using an old system, you may be missing out on opportunities for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Many management systems offer programs for inventory control, maintenance, shipping, tracking labor, etc. Evaluate the needs of your warehouse to see if your current system is truly meeting your needs.

Prioritize Safety

Accidents and injuries cost businesses time and money every year. Whatever small gains you might get from cutting corners are not worth it in the long run. The only acceptable goal is zero safety incidents, so invest in regular safety training to protect your employees.

If you work with heavy machinery, lay out clearly marked traffic lanes; train both machine operators and other warehouse staff to observe these lanes. Invest in proper lighting for increased safety.

With our Elite Ops’ warehousing services, we take care of all of this for you. As a trusted Utah distribution company, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to exceed your warehousing expectations. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business.

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