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Small and Medium Businesses just starting out with online retail are able to ship from home or a small office and get great savings. But after a little while, especially if your business takes off, you will need an order fulfillment and shipping partner. Instead of spending fresh profits on more storage space, more shipping supplies, and hiring more employees, you should get a 3PL partner. Elite OPS is a full service Shipping and Reverse Logistics 3PL company with more than 25 years of experience. Save time and money on shipping and shipping supplies.

Use your new profits to improve your product line or spend it on more marketing and advertising instead of shipping and reverse logistics.



With almost all big online stores offering Free Shipping, you need to think hard about your shipping policies. Do you want your customer to pay for shipping or should you? How do you compete with others that offer free or expedited shipping? One easy way is to use an order processing and Shipping Partner like Elite OPS. We handle tons of volume for shipping and get discounted rates from shippers. Discounted rates that a small and medium business is unable to get. Also buying shipping materials in bulk gets us big discounts. We pass all of these discounts off to our clients. Discounted shipping coupled with our efficient pick pack and ship service, will lower operating costs for your business. It will save you time and money!

One of the best shipping tips is to offer free shipping. If you can’t, then offer as many shipping options as you can so that your customers can choose what fits them the best. If you work with a shipping partner, you will have lots of options and may be able to offer Free or Expedited shipping. More shipping options help increase sales.

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Reverse Logistics (Returns and Exchanges)

Reverse Logistics, or more simply, Returns and Exchanges are an important part of any business. More so for online businesses as your customer does not have a brick and mortar location to return or exchange a product bought from you. Your customers are able to buy your product very easily online and get it delivered to their doorstep. They also expect to be able to return it as easily as they bought it. Reverse logistics costs can add up and become a big hurdle if not handled right. With an efficient return and exchange process, you will save on shipping costs and your customers will keep buying from you.

That’s where Reverse Logistics from Elite OPS can help. We do not just handle returns and exchanges. Our service includes recall management, testing and warranty, repair and re-manufacturing or re-kitting your products to make them saleable again. Let us handle your returns and exchanges and give you actionable data that you can use to improve your business processes.

We provide our clients with:

  • Comprehensive Reverse Logistics & Returns Software
  • Real-Time, Web-Based Visibility in Your Online Portal
  • A Wide Range of Reporting Capabilities
  • Automatic Disposition of Products

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Bottom Line

For online retailers, customer loyalty is key. You must keep your customers happy with good pricing and efficient shipping so that they keep coming back to you. Returns and exchanges are a key part of online sales that must be mastered quickly, and really early in your business. Handling that correctly in a timely manner will directly affect your operating costs and boost sales.


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