5 Quick Tips to Boost eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season.

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The 2019 Holiday Season is around the corner and time is just flying by. You made a plan some months ago, you stuck to the plan, and are almost ready. Right about now, you may be wondering what else you could get done to boost holiday sales even further. Well, you cannot really make big changes now as there may not be enough time for them to take effect. But there are some small steps you can take to help boost your sales.


Here are 5 Quick Tips to Boost eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season.


1. Customer Appreciation and Loyalty

The goal for every business is to have loyal, repeat customers. You need a way to transform a one time customer into a loyal repeat customer. Reach out to them on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other holidays with the help of email or SMS.

Find out which customers spent say a $100, or more, per order and email them loyalty cards or referral discounts. That shows your customers that you value them and are thinking about them. But you are in fact trying to get them to keep you in mind for their holiday shopping. With loyalty programs, show them exactly what they get when they shop with you. Make it worth their while and they will be your loyal repeat customers.

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2. Advertise & Engage on Facebook & Social Media

Facebook’s advertising network has a very impressive global reach. More than 2 Billion people use Facebook on a daily basis. They keep up with friends and also share about products they have bought. Product mentions or reviews on Facebook are now the word of mouth of the past. It’s a great opportunity to engage with your customers and get their friends’ and family’s attention and showcase your products.

Advertising on Facebook will get you the reach that you need to get more sales. Their ad network let’s you target specific audiences and you will be able to target the right buyers for your products easily.


3. Use Banner Ads

Believe or not, banner ads just turned 25 years old last week. AT&T was the first brand to use banner ads and they were getting 44% click through rates. Banner ads are old but still very effective and relevant in today’s eCommerce markets. Hire a designer or buy ad templates online to create simple, eye catching banners. Buy banner ad space on other sites that curate or review products that you sell.

Make sure to use banner ads on your website to advertise your good deals too. They can be especially successful if you personalize deals and offers for each individual customer. Find out what your customer bought, then target your banner ads to show them similar products or deals. Or categorize your customers by dollar amounts spent and target them with banner ads for products within that price range.

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4. Refresh Your Product Line

Many times, sellers think that they have a good product and they stick with it for a very long time. But, times change, people change and their tastes change. Sellers need to constantly stay updated of product changes and find out what’s the in thing at this time. Once you figure out what is new and would make a great product for your customers, you will need to clear up some older inventory. Use holiday discounts to enable you to get new products for the next year. Give deep discounts on older inventory so that you clear inventory as well as make money for the next better product.

Do you have time to do all the research and work needed to refresh your product line? If you were to outsource order fulfillment to an order fulfillment company, you would save a lot of time and money. This is time and money that you could use to research, expand and update your product line. This is time you could use for marketing your product and engaging with people interested in your products on social media.


5. Improve Your Website’s Usability

When a website is not performing up to expectations or won’t load properly, site visitors will leave within a few seconds. They will be searching online for your competitors. Even if you have great products at unbeatable prices, you will not make any sales if your website usability is below par. The usability factor directly affects conversions and sales, so check the following and fix now to help boost eCommerce sales from your website:

  • Website loading speed
  • Broken links, missing product images or missing pages
  • Ease of registration and checkout
  • Prominently display Contact information
  • Prominently display Return & Exchange information

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Bottom Line

You may be tempted to make big changes but that is not advisable this close to the holiday season. Use all of the above quick fixes to gain an advantage in the very short term. Improve holiday sales with these 5 quick tips.


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