Outsource Order Fulfillment NOW to Rescue Your Holiday Sales!

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Are You Having a Holiday Fulfillment Plan Disaster? Outsource Order Fulfillment NOW to Rescue Your Holiday Sales!


It’s the middle of October and you are just about ready to receive and manage inventory from the orders you put in to your vendors a couple months ago. You planned early for the holiday rush as you expected an increased amount of sales during the holidays. In fact, you should have already done everything in the holiday to-do list below:


  • Check past sales and current inventory to forecast holiday sales inventory.


  • Check current inventory turnover to make sure you have fresh inventory for the holidays.
  • Contact vendors to order more inventory for holiday sales


  • Interview and hire temporary staff to help you with receiving and storing increased inventory, and increased holiday packing and shipping. You will also need staff for handling additional customer service calls and emails.


  • Start receiving and managing new inventory or even new products. Planning where exactly to stock products so that you know where they are when you need to pick, pack and ship them out.
  • Train your staff to make sure everyone knows the plan and does their job without any delays or problems.


  • Start your holiday promotions and advertising. Promote special offers, and same day shipping.
  • Update your returns and exchanges policy.
  • Start making sales and monitoring inventory as the holiday sales start to increase.


  • Plan shipping and handling, and let your customers know shipping deadlines for their purchases.
  • Get ready for increased customer service calls or emails regarding products or returns and exchanges. Are you ready for Reverse Logistics?
  • Deal with ongoing holiday sales promotions


Did you just read the list and realized that you missed something? Are you having a holiday fulfillment plan disaster? You can  Outsource Order Fulfillment NOW to Rescue Your Holiday Sales!

Don’t stress out, you’re not the only one who missed months or weeks of preparation. When it comes to order fulfillment, most merchants aren’t prepared for the spike in orders during peak shopping periods. Failure to deliver on time results in angry customers and possible returns and refunds.


Outsource Order Fulfillment to Save Money

So what is your best holiday strategy now? Outsource order fulfillment. Help your business maintain customer satisfaction, drawing your focus toward driving holiday sales and handling customer service.

When you rely on an order fulfillment company, they can easily handle the large volume of orders during peak shopping periods. With a fulfillment service provider working for you to store and manage your inventory, pick pack and ship your products, you can focus on selling more this holiday season.

Outsourcing fulfillment saves you time, hassle, headache, and money. The shipping and handling process involves researching about shipping providers and comparing costs, purchasing boxes and shipping materials, dropping off packages, picking up returned packages, warehousing, and restocking and accounting of inventory. A third party order fulfillment provider can handle all of these tasks quickly and efficiently while you turn your focus on customer service and your products.

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Save on Shipping and Fixed Costs

Since third party fulfillment providers handle a large volume of orders, they are in a better position to negotiate deals on shipping. Order fulfillment companies like Elite OPS make great savings on bulk buying of packing materials, supply boxes, and other shipping products. These savings are then passed on to order fulfillment clients like yourself.

You can make additional in-house savings by outsourcing order fulfillment to a third party. By outsourcing, you will not have to invest in additional  storage or warehouse space, insurance for inventory, and salaries for warehouse employees. You start saving as soon as you start working with us and the savings add up!

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Bottom Line

In today’s ever increasing competitive eCommerce market, you need to leverage all tools that you can to increase revenue. Think of a 3rd party order fulfillment company as a tool that you can use to do better for your business and your customer. Order fulfillment directly affects your operating costs. It’s a great tool, it’s there, Use It!


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