Grow Your Business By Moving Your Brick-and-Mortar Retail Business Online.

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Leverage a Professional Order Fulfillment Partner

Having your product fulfillment done by a professional order fulfillment partner allows you to leverage economies of scale, get discounted shipping rates, and cheaper shipping supplies.

You will not need to worry about shipping and handling ever again. As your fulfillment partner works for many clients like yourself, they have the required tools and expertise to handle your fulfillment without any hiccups. It’s what they do every single day.

Inventory management will be much easier when your inventory sits in your fulfillment partner’s warehouse. They have the experience and technology to store and handle your products in a safe and secure environment. With state of the art warehouse management systems (WMS), they can provide real time data that helps you forecast inventory more easily. Comprehensive inventory management online reporting tools allow you to check up on your inventory data 24-7. When you make a sale, they do all the work and pick pack and ship out your products. Same day shipping is also possible if received before the daily cut off time.

With fulfillment taken care of, your extra time can be spent on increasing your product range, marketing and research. It’s a workable plan to grow you business by leveraging an order fulfillment partner like Elite OPS. They manage your inventory and shipping, and you save time and money. Ultimately your business grows without getting additional storage space and without hiring additional employees or incurring other growth expenses.

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Leverage Social Media and Email Marketing

Building an audience by email and social media marketing enables brands to quickly create more awareness or buzz about their product. By simply emailing an offer to your past and current customers, you are very likely to get some new orders. Getting your loyal fan base to talk about your products and their experiences online will create engagement and lead to prospective customers.

Look for your VIP buyers in your order history and offer them early access to your new range of products or a sneak peak of upcoming sales. VIP buyers are big spenders and tend to spend more per order. They will buy when you reach out to them and make them feel special.

Continuously  measure your conversions so that you can quantify your efforts in reaching out to your customers via email or social media. For email, anything near 20% of revenue is great. The one best thing about using your email list or social media audience is that you can get more sales for a very low cost on an ongoing basis. As shopping cycles change, your email and social media outreach has more chances of getting more sales. An experienced order fulfillment partner, like Elite OPS, is aware of such shopping cycles and they have contingencies in place to make sure your fulfillment and shipping goes on without a hitch.

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Leverage Your Own eCommerce Website

From Brick-and-Mortar, the progression to an Online Store is only natural. With eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce, you can easily setup an online store and show off your brand and products online. An online store where customers can purchase directly from you means buyers can buy anywhere, 24-7-365. Coupled with your order fulfillment partner, there is no stopping sales from skyrocketing.

Most importantly, with your own online store, you can up-sell and cross-sell your products easily. This increases the average order value which in turn leads to higher profits and also gives you more actionable data. With more online sales and customers, you get a better picture of what sells and who buys. That in turn lets you target and personalize offers and products for your customers. With an experienced order fulfillment partner like Elite OPS, your increased inventory and shipping activity will be handled as needed. Customer growth is built into Elite OPS’ daily SOPs.

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Bottom Line

Thanks to all the technology and data crunching, you know you will make money by moving your Brick-and-Mortar store online. It is never too late for an online presence. With the right order fulfillment partner and a good mix of technology, you will boost sales and profits will go through the roof.


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