Procurement as a Service Boosts Product Sales.

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Procurement and Logistics are quite complex when we think about everything that is involved. All businesses use procurement and logistics at one point or another, but most business owners do not understand the complex and time consuming processes involved. So, before you jump into international procurement, read on to find out more.

The process of sourcing raw materials, production planning, actual production, international shipping, tariffs and import duties, and shipping delays are just a few major components. Then eventually delivering products to customers, and handling return products (reverse logistics) involves so many other processes and costs. There are so many moving and evolving parts to the puzzle, it becomes harder the bigger your business gets. This is why Procurement as a Service from Elite OPS is a great idea  and is also an efficient solution.


Technology is The Backbone of Our Procurement Team

It is hard to imagine all that is really involved unless you see it handled every single day. The Elite OPS Team has seen it all and has evolved with emerging procurement and logistics technology. We planned for some failures and learned from some failures the hard way over the 25 years that we have been in business.

Ultimately, we learned to use technology to create efficient and innovative solutions for our clients. Our procurement solutions are tried and tested on a daily basis. We keep our clients in the loop of every step of the procurement life cycle of their products.

Procurement and supply chain technology can advance real quick. We stay ahead of the curve by making a conscious effort to research and learn new technology and figure out how best to apply it to our processes. That has helped to optimize the processes involved in getting our clients’ products to their customers within their required time frames. Our solutions enable our clients to predict time to market so that they are always ready for their customers.

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Better Supply Chain and Inventory Management

For efficient supply chain planning, manufacturing of products is a key area. When, not if, production machinery fails, it leads to delays in production and ultimately also product delivery. It can also increase manufacturing costs and lead to huge losses in sales revenue. We work closely with our manufacturing teams worldwide to ensure that they have systems in place to decrease manufacturing delays. We worked with some partners to enhance their maintenance plans and thus decreased down time drastically. Our manufacturing partners also rely on machine learning to improve the forecasting of machine downtime over production cycles.

For all clients, our aim is to monitor the full procurement and logistics life cycle of a product. This has lead to more accurate logistics planning.

Our clients are better able to predict future inventory needs as a result of our managed procurement solutions. With less work required on procurement and logistics operations, cash flow can be opened up for other uses. Some have have expanded their product lines as they are now only tasked with product research and development. Others have taken up more advertising and marketing of their products in order to increase their customer reach.

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Bottom Line

Procurement as a Service and supply chain management is no longer a complex concept. Thanks to different tools and technologies, and the real world experience of our procurement and logistics team, we can easily handle all projects, big or small.


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