eCommerce Order Fulfillment Is Now More Crucial Than Ever!

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eCommerce sales have been rising like never before. As online shopping is now seen as more secure and safer during the pandemic, there is no stopping eCommerce growth.

For true multi-channel and eCommerce success, it is important to start thinking like a customer and see order fulfillment as more than a purely transactional operation. As direct contact with the seller is no longer a priority and is the new preferred mode during the pandemic, shoppers prefer online shopping as it offers more convenience and safety.

Today, customers judge online retailers by their ability to keep their promises, especially relating to product quality and order fulfillment. Retailers must ensure that customers have a seamless shopping, fulfillment, and shipping experience. Offer them a range of collection options like door-step delivery, city pick up locations, and curb side pick up if you also have a brick and mortar location. Make it easy for your customers to receive their orders. A seamless shopping experience would guarantee that they will turn into your loyal customers.


Speed of Shipment

Speed of delivery continues to be the major consideration for shoppers as they expect 2 day and also next day delivery. As a result, an increasing number of retailers are striving hard to beat their own order delivery records. Thus next-day delivery is increasingly becoming a common practice among eCommerce giants like Amazon, and big box retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

There are a few brands that have changed the way orders are delivered to customers, promising same-day delivery. Some even go an extra distance to ensure that delivery is made in under 90 minutes from receiving the order – this is really quick! Of course, this applies to customers within easy reach and close distance from the fulfillment center. Think seriously about fast shipping for your eCommerce business. But just because others can do it doesn’t mean you must! You must find a good balance for your business.

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Improve eCommerce Order Fulfillment Efficiency

Speedy order fulfillment remains a challenge for most retailers and suppliers.

Experts are of the opinion that supply chain automation promises to address the rising demand for prompt delivery to customers by raising the number of units to be processed each day. This could help retailers fulfill more orders quickly.

Some automated systems are designed to weigh the completed order, compare it with how much the order is supposed to weigh, and immediately signal to fulfillment warehouse pickers in the event of a mismatch. Thus, decreasing chances of a wrong item being packed and shipped out. This makes sure that the customer gets exactly what they ordered and reduces the problem of returns and exchanges.

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Shoppers also focus on the convenience of receiving their orders. As a result, it is critically important for retailers and carriers to optimize their order fulfillment operations to ensure that the customer’s needs are prioritized. Offering great customer service and shopping convenience is the key to engaging customers and converting them to loyal customers.

One way of offering greater convenience to shoppers is to notify them the time their parcel is expected to arrive at their destination. This gives shoppers the time to make themselves available at the spot to receive the delivery. Also letting the customer reschedule delivery or change delivery location is a big draw for most consumers when choosing where to shop.

As new and innovative eCommerce order fulfillment methods continue to spring up, it shows that the customer is still King, keeping brands on their toes to up their customer service and experience.

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Bottom Line

As the idea of speedy and convenient delivery takes center stage, customer expectations are only going to stretch further. This goes to show that multi-channel eCommerce order fulfillment is becoming the new battleground for brand loyalty. Traders and retailers, with a flexible and accommodating sales approach are more likely to emerge as winners in the industry.



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