Elite OPS Announces Expansion to Atlanta Georgia With Increased Capacity to 550,000 sq. ft.

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Spanish Fork based Elite OPS, a 3PL, and Supply Chain Management Company, has acquired a new facility near Atlanta Georgia.  Elite OPS is a full service 3PL offering fulfillment, kitting, and warehousing for clients worldwide.  The new warehouse has 80,000 sq. ft.  This East Coast facility enables Elite to ship, via ground rates, to 93% of the country with a 2-day transit time.  This not only decreased the time in transit, but also reduces the shipping costs due to the shorter distance.

Their bi-coastal warehouses are strategically positioned along the major shipping routes to assure fast and inexpensive delivery.  Both of their facilities offer racking, pick-bin, and bulk storage, facilitating their core B2B and e-commerce pick, pack, and ship services, along with high volume kitting and assembly.  Contact Elite OPS to take a tour.


Elite OPS Order Fulfillment Warehouse in Georgia“With both East and West Coast facilities, Elite OPS is poised to grow even faster and provide its customers with more efficiencies, quicker transit, and lower costs.”
Clay Jackman – Founder, CEO







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