Your Small Business Can Compete and Win!

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If you run a small business, you might be wondering how to compete against the big boys and win. What does it take to succeed in a competitive market for a small business?

Success is not just limited to opening doors and welcoming clients. Here are a few ways for small businesses to compete and win the race with big businesses. Procurement as a Service can help set you apart and boosts product sales.


Differentiate Yourself

Who are your biggest competitors? What do they do best? How can you differentiate yourself from them? What is your unique selling proposition that sets you apart from the competition?

Differentiate yourself and focus on what you do best. Show your customer base what you can do exceptionally well, rather than showing your multi-tasking self. Customers look for experts rather than generalists. If you can show your “expert” side, you can compete and win from big businesses.

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Personalizing your service is one of the key factors in serving customers well. Figure out how clients work and how your products or services can work best for them. The more you personalize for clients, the more they are likely to stay with you and ditch your competition.

For example, you could set up personalization in your eCommerce store platform by using cookie technology. When a new website visitor returns to browse your website, you can then show them the products they had searched for or looked at previously. Similarly, you can show current customers products that interest them instead of some random products.

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Be Everywhere

There are multiple ways to market yourself and make your services stand out. Big businesses mostly focus on advertising, without concentrating on figuring out how to reach out to the individual consumers. Consumers on the other hand, look for personal insights and advice, which small businesses can offer and excel at to win customers over from big businesses.

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Start Consultation

Position yourself as a consultant that has the solutions to customer problems. Not all clients can go to big corporate houses due to the expensive price tag attached to them. Offer consultation services as a freelancer at reasonable but competitive rates, so clients get individualized service without having to worry too much about the price tag. As a freelancer, you will work directly with big corporate houses that are looking for contract help.

Thus you can create a portfolio of high-profile projects under your belt, so you can showcase solid experience to clients.

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Deliver lightning fast

Most clients have reservations working with big agencies, fearing busy calendars, delays, and extended waiting periods. These same people often believe that small businesses deliver faster results with more personalization and attention to details.

Turn your projects in time to prove to establish a firm footing in the industry. Delivering fast also includes quickly responding to emails, scheduling early meetings, and immediately following up. Focus on quick turnaround time while delivering exceptional results. You will have good chances to get a lead over big business houses.

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Look for ways to offer an upsell without putting too much time and work, so you can compete and win against big corporate houses. Offer value-added services or products as an upselling tactic that they can use long term. It would help convince clients to reach out to you and book your services.

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Bottom Line

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned business, you should always be looking to improve your chances of competing with bigger businesses. Always aim to win and use these tips to help you grow and compete.



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