Supplement Companies Increase Revenue with Lean Warehousing

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Many supplement companies, raw superfood companies and direct sales companies use the Elite Ops distribution center to grow their business. The market for supplements is more global than local, and if you want to be competitive in your market, it is essential that you streamline your logistics. Consider the benefits offered by distribution experts Elite Ops for your lean warehousing needs, mixing, packing, shipping and returns.

Why You Need Lean Warehousing

As a supplement company, whether you are a direct sales, or multi-level (MLM), company or sell more to franchise businesses, you will need to consider lean warehousing options to run efficiently. Elite Ops offers temperature-controlled storage, and their top-of-the-line software manages received inventory, orders, expiration dates and returns. They will take away all your headaches, as a small or large company, about inventory and warehousing costs as your business grows. In order to grow, the space you need and the manpower you need must be able to shift without causing you to incur too much overhead. That is why Elite Ops offers you the space you need as you grow. As your business runs more efficiently, the staff and warehouse will accommodate you at reasonable rates.

Mixing and Kitting Services

Direct marketing, supplement and raw superfood companies often need mixing and kitting services, based on the order size and customer needs. Elite Ops is unique in that it will not only store and track your inventory, it will mix your raw materials in their mixing facility so you don’t need to use two different companies, and you will know your order accuracy is safe within their system. Elite Ops has a mixing facility that specializes in taking your raw materials and mixing them according to your specifications.

Track Your Orders

You might be an excellent salesperson and an expert in the products you sell, but in order for your business to grow, you need experts in receiving, storage, order tracking and shipping. You do not want to wear so many hats that you become a slave to the company you own. Owning a company should be about freedom, not stress. Elite Ops has expert software that will provide you an online portal you can access from anywhere to see your product inventory and the status of orders. Many companies have realized exceptional growth when they switched to lean warehousing services offered by Elite Ops, and it’s easy to see why. They have such a large facility and staff that they can allocate what you need when you need it. You don’t have to use your time trying to pull staff from other projects or organize incoming inventory yourself.

Returns Management

Finally, when it comes to customer service, Elite Ops has two decades of experience dealing with returns and keeping customers happy. You are trying to retain customers, and lean warehousing is essential in that process. When orders are shipped incorrectly, it damages your reputation. Elite Ops has a 99% shipping accuracy and ships the same day the order is placed. Elite Ops ships anywhere in the world and will expedite your capacity to ship more items at a faster rate.

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