3 Steps to Getting Your Pet Products Fulfilled on Time

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For both brick-and-mortar and online stores, shipping pet supply products on time and in perfect condition to customers is critical for your company’s success.

When you can deliver the goods on time, every time, your customers will love you for it, and they’ll show their gratitude with more orders. Follow these three tips for error-free fulfillment.

1- Display Accurate Information

Accuracy in product details, sizing charts, ingredients, and nutritional information is critical to making sure you are fulfilling your customer’s needs and expectations. If the displayed information is incomplete or inaccurate, your customers will be unsatisfied with their purchase and return orders will be high. This process diminishes your margins and lowers your company’s overall customer service ratings.

2- Use Master Cartons and Quantities

Quick and efficient shipping begins with packing all your products with the same SKU into a master carton. That way, when your shipment arrives at your fulfillment center, it will be fast to get it into the inventory and ready for pick and pack.

Whenever possible, send larger quantities of master cartons. Save yourself time and money in the long run when you commit your retail partners to purchasing more product.

3- Integrate the Shopping Carts

Ensure timely ordering and shipping by integrating your customer’s shopping cart directly with your store’s shopping cart to your fulfillment center. This reduces redundancies and helps your customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

When your business displays accurate information, uses master cartons and quantities, and integrates the shopping carts, orders will be fulfilled correctly and in a timely manner. Customers will be happy and the level of satisfaction for your company will be high.

The most efficient and most economical way of ensuring customer satisfaction is by using an eCommerce fulfillment center such as Elite Ops to handle the product shipping details for you. Learn more about pet supply fulfillment by contacting contacting us today!

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