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Every customer interaction can mostly be classified as “exceptional” or “horrible” or maybe somewhere in between. Get it right and your customers will talk about how exceptional their last interaction with you was. They will talk to their friends and family and they will share their experience online. Get it wrong and their experience will cost you sales and your holiday season may become a big fail.

A survey of 10,000 consumers revealed that almost always, customers talk more about their horrible experiences rather than their exceptional experiences.


So, you must get it right! Excel at customer experience and service and Earn your 5 Star Rating by giving your customers 5 Star Service. Here’s how:


1. Keep it casual in customer communications

Keep a casual tone in your communication with customers. Getting too formal makes your communications seem too impersonal. Like when asking for reviews, try something like “Give us the truth, don’t hold back!” or “So, how did we do?” instead of the plain old boring “Leave us a Review” line.

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2. Personalize interactions to get through

Customers get lots of marketing emails in their inboxes and SMS messages on their phones. When sending your marketing email or SMS, make sure yours is worth reading. Personalize messages for your customers. Use your customers historical sales data to find out their interests and craft a personalized message that will really identify with them.

Personalized engagement will create loyal customers. It is always easier, and cheaper, to retain customers then get new ones. You already have the information. Why not use it to maximize engagement, loyalty, and sales?

Here is a short list on how to use customer data:

  • Target customers with personalized marketing communications by Segmenting Customers by items purchased, lifetime spend, or items abandoned in cart.
  • Then Tag segments to trigger personalized marketing communications like:
    • Mailing a handwritten note to VIP customers who spend the most money
    • Sending a personalized email with recommendations based on purchase history
    • Sending an abandoned cart email offering a discount to complete the checkout process


3. Save your customers time

Most customers contact your customer service after they have tried to solve their problem or find answers on their own. They have already spent some time on it, they should not have to hear more time consuming steps or instructions from you to fix their issue.

Tell your customer that you will handle it. Tell them that you will fix the problem and get back to them. Make the process time consuming and less frustrating for them. Show them that you are willing to go the extra mile to give them a positive experience and solve their issue at the same time.

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4. Let customers share their experiences

A loyal, satisfied customer is the best mouthpiece for your business. Use social media marketing to get your customers to share their experiences with each other. Through social media engagement, your happy customers could be spreading positive experiences with each other. It increases goodwill and can make sales skyrocket through the roof.


Bottom Line

Everyone has different interests but they all want good service and a positive experience. When you communicate like a real person and share positive experiences, people connect with that experience and subsequently create more positive experiences. It creates a never ending cycle that ultimately boosts sales and profits.


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3 Tips For Better eCommerce Customer Service This Holiday Season.Make Your Holiday Sales Customers Keep Coming Back for More.