Are you Ready for Increased Returns for Holidays 2019?

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Shipping companies have a goldmine of historical shipping data. Using that data, they are able to predict future trends pretty accurately. Studying these trends helps them manage their operations and costs better. They are also better able to advice their shipping clients.

UPS Believes that they will be transporting more than a million returns a day back to online retailers. The immense growth of eCommerce is fueling online sales, and also returns. With retailers encouraging consumers to shop early to avoid disappointment, consumers are doing just that. But along with buying early, they are also returning early. Reverse logistics can become a nightmare.

For Holidays 2019, UPS is expecting 1.6 million daily returns during the week before Christmas. Their historical data predicts January 2nd 2019 to be the peak returns day with about 1.9 million returns processed. That’s a 26% increase from 2018. UPS is calling January 2nd, National Returns Day.


“Gone are the days where returns were isolated to January, today’s empowered consumers will be sending packages back to retailers all season long. As retailers start preparing for the busy holiday season, they should certainly be factoring returns into their business plans,” – UPS’ Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Warren in a written statement.


Process Returns Seamlessly to Boost Sales Revenue

eCommerce sales during the holidays are a boon and a bane for online retailers. Retailers that are able to handle product returns seamlessly can gain a huge advantage. It takes a considerable amount of time, planning, and work to process, accept, and turn-around product returns quickly and efficiently. Doing it well ensures that you are not stuck with inventory that may or may not not sell after the holidays. Stuck inventory translates to stuck cash-flow for your business.

Good handling of returns instills confidence in your customers. When their returns are handled efficiently and without delays, they become loyal customers and buy more products from you. In UPS’ online shopper survey, they found that 68% of respondents linked their returns experience with their overall perceptions of a retailer. Also, 73% said the experience directly influences their future purchases from that retailer.

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Elite OPS Reverse Logistics

We understand that returns as inevitable as sales. Our end-to-end returns management includes testing and warranty, repair, re-manufacturing and re-packaging returned products for adding inventory back into the sales cycle. We have been in business for over 25 years and have fine tuned our processes in order to deliver exceptional returns service to our clients.

As our Reverse Logistics and Shipping Client, you have access to:

  • Comprehensive Reverse Logistics & Returns Software
  • Real-Time, Web-Based Visibility in Your Online Portal
  • A Wide Range of Reporting Capabilities
  • Automatic Disposition of Products

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Returns Management by Elite OPS

Our full suite of Returns Management includes returned-goods management, re-manufacturing, inventory repair/return, product testing, and credit validation, as well as re-working, re-packing, re-labeling, re-shipping and re-classifying. Our goal is to get your returned products back into your sales cycle as fast as possible so that your sales pipeline does not dry up.

Our Reverse Logistics Solutions help to:

  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Cycle Times
  • Improve Business Control
  • Increase Liquidation Values
  • Improve Transportation Effectiveness


Contact Us to find out how we can help you Save Time and Money on Holiday Shipping as well as eCommerce Order Fulfillment, Kitting and Assembly.

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