5 Ways Elite OPS eCommerce Fulfillment Can Help You – Part 1.

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This is the first blog post in a series of five blog posts that will explain how Elite OPS eCommerce Fulfillment Can Help Your Business.


Part 1: Faster Growth

With ELITE OPS as your eCommerce fulfillment service partner, you can pick up the pace of growth, knowing you are backed by a professional team of logistics professionals and a system that is ready to fulfill as fast as you can sell.


Pick up the pace of growth

The biggest advantage of eCommerce or online retail is that of space. To start off, you don’t really need a dedicated space to work out of. No office to rent, no office furniture to buy and no employees to hire in the short run. But when you really think about it, it is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Although you can start an eCommerce business fairly quickly, without a storage facility and a logistics team, warehousing and order fulfillment becomes a huge problem.

These are some of the challenges that you will face:

  • Where will you store and manage your inventory once your sales take off?
  • How will you pick pack and ship orders out?
  • How will you manage shipping and handling?

With order fulfillment handled by Elite OPS, you can pretty much ignore the above challenges. With the time and money saved with professional fulfillment, you can concentrate on ramping up your product line, marketing, and customer service. That will help pick up the pace of growth.

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Backed by a professional team of logistics professionals

Elite OPS has been in the logistics and supply chain industry for over 25 years and is a recognized industry veteran. Our highly trained team of logistics professionals are further empowered by our state of the art Warehouse Management System. Working with small and large businesses over the 25 years, we put in place systems and standard operating procedures that allow us to plan for every contingency.

SMEs are able to fully utilize our systems to automate their order fulfillment and inventory management that ultimately saves many hours right from the start of their business. We share our experience and expertise with our clients, eventually helping them grow into bigger profitable businesses.

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Fulfill orders as fast as you can sell

With cutting edge and tested technology, we are able to easily integrate our clients’ eCommerce platforms with our warehouse management and inventory systems. As such, there is almost no delay in order processing from the time you sell your order to the time we start to pick pack and ship your customers’ orders out. We also have a same day shipping policy if we receive orders before the daily cut-off time. You are practically fulfilling orders as fast as you can sell them. That gets your products to your customers in time and keeps them happy. Happy customers in turn buy more product and leave great reviews for your business.

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Elite OPS has been a leader in Shipping and Logistics for over 25 years. Contact Us to find out how we can help you Save Time and Money on Procurement as a Service, eCommerce Order Fulfillment, and Kitting and Assembly.

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