3 Things to Put in a Shipping Box.

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There are many ways to WOW your customers. You can advertise online, show videos on social media, and maybe even do a Facebook Live session to showcase your products. But you still need to get an audience to watch all that. What is the one thing that you already have that gives you 100% unfettered access to an audience that you know will buy your product? A Shipping Box!

The package(shipping box) that you send to your customer is the most powerful marketing tool in eCommerce. Your customer will definitely open it because it contains a product that they bought from you. Why not use it to your advantage?


Add these in the shipping box and get ahead with a simple shipping box eCommerce marketing strategy!


1. Coupons in the Shipping Box

One of the best things to put in a shipping box are Coupons. Everybody loves coupons because they offer discounts and deals. 10% off, 20% over $100, 30% off limited stocks, buy 2 get one free and so on. Coupons are the best way to get repeat customers. You sell more when you offer coupons because you help your customer to buy something she may not have bought at the regular price. Coupons can help you move inventory and increase revenue. Cleverly used coupons can directly boost the bottom line!

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2. Free or Trial Merchandise in the Shipping Box

Adding samples of new products that you sell is a great way to introduce new products to your current customers. You could stamp your online store brand or web address on these free products. It’s a great way to advertise your online store. Your customer advertises for you and it’s free. It’s a great way to get new customers as well as keep your current customers coming back for more.

Ask your customer to take a photo of them using your free or trial product and upload it to their social media network to get more free stuff or for a good discount. If they refer a friend, you could give them 20% off or better. Word of mouth advertising works great and costs very little. Customer Recommendations are one of the best selling tools, offline or online!

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3. Review Request in the Shipping Box

Online shoppers read product reviews on multiple review sites when considering a purchase. Online reviews are an absolute necessity in order to increase your eCommerce sales. Reviews are so important that Amazon has filed legal suits in order to protect their customer reviews’ quality.

Add a simple flyer that asks your customer to give you a review based on their buying and package delivery process. Also request them to do a full product review or simply rate the product back on your eCommerce store. Getting a customer back to your online store makes them read other reviews and maybe even reviews on other products that they have been thinking about. They could be convinced to buy another product. New Sales, Offers or Discounts on your store can be highlighted when they visit your online store.

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Bottom Line

The above 3 basic things in a shipping box have the potential of increasing sales and directly affecting your bottom line. These are things that you already have and can be



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