3 Quick Shipping Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales and Customer Satisfaction.

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A shipping package is often the first thing your customer will hold in their hands that represents your eCommerce business. Whether your business is brand new or well established, reliable shipping is the closing handshake that makes or breaks your customer’s willingness to stay loyal to your business.

With any business, a happy customer turning into a loyal customer is the ultimate goal. To help you increase customer satisfaction, here are three easy shipping strategies:


1. Make Your Packaging Stand Out

The unveiling of your product can either be mundane, or it can be extraordinary. Most consumers look forward to the unboxing experience. They wait for their product patiently. They have certain expectations after seeing product photos on your website. Wow them and make sure you do not disappoint!

If you package your product in an attractive way, you create an experience for your customers that they’ll love to share with family and friends on social media. In fact, “unboxing videos” on YouTube and Facebook are all the rage. They are a great resource for consumers looking for new products to buy. So, up your product packaging and get your customers sharing their experiences on their social media networks.

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2. Ship From Regional Shipping Centers to Ensure Quick Delivery

In order to make your shipping and delivery process as smooth and fast as possible, choose an eCommerce order fulfillment and distribution center that is in the Eastern United States as well as the Western United States. Holding inventory within these two regions, you ensure that your product can get delivered to your customers within two to three days. You may even be able to get discounted shipping rates.

Should anything go wrong with shipments or if a customer needs an exchange, the turnaround time will be quick. You could turn a potentially unhappy customer into a satisfied customer.

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3. Get Your Inventory Management and Logistics Done Right!

Streamlined logistics with supply chain management will allow you to know where everything is and how it’s running (and how you can improve things, too). By utilizing detailed inventory management reporting and top of the line warehouse management systems, you can feel in control of your shipping process.

Inventory Management becomes a key element of a successful eCommerce business. When you know what you have sold and how much inventory you are moving and holding, it gets easier to forecast inventory. Managing and forecasting inventory effectively can actually free up capital stuck when holding too much inventory. Capital that can otherwise be used for marketing, advertising or getting more inventory of different products.

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Elite OPS Makes Shipping Accuracy a Top Priority

Ensuring that your customers receive their shipments in a timely manner is of the utmost importance. By using technology-driven systems and industry-leading software, an order fulfillment company like Elite OPS can pinpoint where a shipment is and can identify and solve problems quickly should they occur.

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Bottom Line

With an industry leading 99.9% order fulfillment accuracy, Elite OPS in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Atlanta, GA, is a veteran of the logistics and fulfillment industry with over 25 years of experience. Elite OPS helps businesses achieve cost-effective, dependable, and fast delivery to their customers. By offering a variety of shipping options, we ensure personalized flexibility to best serve your needs. Features such as shipping confirmations, shipment tracking, backorders, reverse logistics and international shipping are available to every customer.


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