5 Important Tips for Kickstarter Crowdfunding.

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A successful crowdfunding campaign is every entrepreneur’s dream. The growing popularity of crowdfunding platforms only goes to prove that a successful campaign is possible for any entrepreneur. It’s a great idea to utilize a platform like Kickstarter to run a campaign and kick-start your company onto the right path.


Here are 5 Kickstarter crowdfunding tips that will help you.


1. Reach Out, Reach Out, Reach Out!

Advance preparation is crucial to boosting your success rate. It is critical to start reaching out to affiliates, partners, and friends in advance, so you have enough time to organize everything.

Starting out at least a couple months in advance will give you time to think who and how to contact. This will save you time and hassle later. With early outreach, you can create a grassroots movement. You could finalize prototypes before launching the campaign and create major partnerships.

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2. Create and Grow Key Partnerships

You can understand your market better by working on partnerships before the final launch. Forge partnerships with those in your industry that have already run a Kickstarter campaign, it may help to do a “backers swap,” meaning both of you will post about each other’s campaign as an update.

Partnering with industry influencers is a great way to spread the word. Partnerships also help you get a deeper understanding of your product-to-market fit.

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3. Create Powerful Engaging Content

When looking for key Kickstarter tips, you will find that content is king. No crowdfunding campaign can succeed without impeccable content, which includes text, multimedia, and photos. Make sure your calls-to-action are compelling enough to get people to support your campaign. It is a good idea to ask people to support your campaign in your pitch.

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4. Get Your Team Working Together

Launching a project on Kickstarter gives you a platform to easily start it from scratch. However, it is a great idea to build your team to facilitate the launch phase, since it is a challenge to handle the entire Kickstarter campaign on your own. Divide tasks for the upcoming launch among different members of the team, delegating actual product development to some of the members, while assigning the job of content creation to another group. It’s this balance in roles that helps companies to enjoy success in a crowdfunding campaign.

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5. Partner with an Order Fulfillment Company.

An experienced 3PL company can handle all order fulfillment related services for you. With their efficiency, economies of scale, and years of experience in the logistics, shipping and fulfillment industry, they have the needed expertise. You will not be able to handle order fulfillment on your own as well as a 3PL.

Elite OPS can manage your inventory, and monitor your customer’s incoming and outgoing orders. They will ensure that orders are fulfilled and shipped to your customers on time, without any delays and cheaper than you could do it yourself. That opens up your time to handle your Kickstarter project and business. You let the fulfillment professionals handle fulfillment and you concentrate on growing your business through product research, crowdfunding, and marketing.

Everything relating to order processing and fulfillment will be professionally taken care of by an eCommerce order fulfillment partner. This includes:


Bottom Line

Kickstarter campaigns can get highly viral bd if yours does, you will be rushing orders out to prospective customers in no time. It is in your best interest to push yourself to realize your crowdfunding goals. These Kickstarter tips will help you jumpstart success if you start to implement them now and work with a fulfillment partner.



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