Email Marketing to Help You and Others During Covid-19.

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Many businesses rely on email marketing and take great pains to build their email lists.

With the current pandemic, email marketing is coming up to be even more important as the whole world practices social distancing. So, the need of the hour is to up your email marketing game and get more consumers to notice your online business. Online businesses already knew this and have been running with it. You can up your email marketing game with these few tips.


Email Sending Frequency

Definitely think of increasing your email sending frequency a little but not too much that you are considered SPAM. More people are staying and working from home now, so they do have more time to catch up with emails. But tread the fine line very carefully and you will see success.

Use email marketing tools to monitor email open and engagement rates to help find out exactly how many emails are good. If your target audience is opening and clicking your email links, consider sending more often. Do make sure that your content is good, to the point and not too wordy. Campaign tools like MailChimp give you a big toolset to track your emails and engagement.

Due to the pandemic and everyone working from home, eCommerce demand is high and keeps increasing. Use the current time to learn more about how your customers feel about your product. Find out if there are other ways to market to your customers. Survey customers to find out how you could better serve them. Find out what other products interest them and you could expand your product range and offer more products. All of this adds to your bottom line.

Maintain a high send rate and try to be in your target audience’s minds at all times.

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Help New Online Shoppers Adjust at Their Own Pace

With more people staying home and finally buying their everyday essentials online, email them tips on how to shop online. Make it easy for them to shop with you and communicate to them that you are available if they need help. Make it easy for them to be your customer. Try to build customer loyalty and convert these new shoppers into loyal repeat shoppers.

If you sell subscription products, new online shoppers are the perfect consumers to educate about subscription box services. Show them promotional videos on how it works. They may find it novel at first, but will get hooked on the ease of shopping and receiving their products in time.

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Show Empathy During the Pandemic

When you communicate with your customers be sure to reflect the current state of the world. Be real and empathetic with your communication. Show your customers that you care by giving back to the community in these times of need. Run a fundraiser or donate part of your proceeds to local shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens. Every little bit helps. By creating an avenue for your customers to help you help others, they will think of your business as emphatic and forward thinking.

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Bottom Line

The pandemic will pass in time. Your customers will get back to their normal life and they will remember your business as a champion of the people and as one who helped others when times were tough.


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