What Does Kitting Mean in Warehousing?

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What Does Kitting Mean in Warehousing?

Kitting in a warehouse means assembling packages of several different items in advance of shipping them out. In other words, the meaning of kitting in warehouses comes down to efficiently creating ready-to-ship boxes. 

Kitting and assembling services can save time and money for business owners. If you perform this in-house, your employees will have to spend time picking individual items from locations throughout a warehouse. But a kitting service can quickly repeat this task many times in bulk, lowering your costs and saving time for your staff members.

What Does the Warehouse Kitting Procedure Look Like? 

An efficient warehouse team usually has a system for kitting packages. This system often uses routine steps, such as: 

  • Accepting: Logging items as they arrive from shippers
  • Storing: Keeping items in an organized system, ready to be used when ordered
  • Picking: Finding the correct items from shelves, using the inventory system
  • Packing: Assembling items into boxes or other types of packaging and labeling them correctly
  • Shipping: Sending completed packages to the correct customers
  • Delivery: Being accountable to confirm that the shipment was sent to the correct location

Warehouse packaging services make a big difference, whether you’re sending: 

  • A subscription box
  • Packaged sets of items like utensils
  • A gift basket
  • A set of related products
  • Some other package of multiple items 

The right help can transform all these disparate SKUs into a single inventory item for you. 

Why You Need Warehouse Kitting & Packaging Services 

Packaging in your warehouse shouldn’t be a hassle or detract from your core business. You need to focus on satisfying your customers, earning repeat business, and enticing your customers with new offers. That’s why you should let a kitting and packaging service provider give you: 

  • More attractive packaging
  • Faster, more accurate shipping
  • Low-cost kitting services

Elite OPS has provided fulfillment services to our clients for more than 25 years. We control quality and standards, creating packaged kits you can be proud to ship. Plus, you’ll appreciate that we keep your packaging rates fixed, letting you forecast your costs more accurately. 

Contact Elite OPS now to get a quote for kitting and assembly services.

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