How Does Kitting Save on Manufacturing and Packaging Costs?

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How Does Kitting Save on Manufacturing and Packaging Costs?

Companies that ship products directly to customers love kitting services and are happy to pay kitting costs. Kitting is the process of picking and packing items from warehouse shelves and assembling them into a ready-to-ship package.

How does kitting save on packaging costs? Having these kits ready to ship in advance saves labor costs—along with the costs of errors—in contrast to packing every box when a customer orders it. When many customers are ordering at once, efficient kitting can bring even more savings.

Kitting Costs: Why a Kitting and Assembly Service Is Right for Your Company

How does kitting save on manufacturing costs? If you hire a firm to kit and assemble packages for you, your costs to fulfill product orders can go down. That’s because an expert service provider can perform kitting and assembly in large batches, efficiently lowering the cost. Here are some benefits and strengths of these services:

  • Flexible Volumes: Your kitting service provider can handle both small volumes of products and sudden volume spikes with equal efficiency.
  • Fixed Costs: Your provider will quote you a price per unit, which will help you easily calculate your future earnings. No more guessing about labor costs or mistakes.
  • Quick Delivery: Shipping happens sooner when experts are assembling your kit and shipping them in bulk. This can lead to greater customer loyalty and positive reviews.
  • Fewer Shipping Errors: During a promotion, your fulfillment service can make sure the increased number of orders are shipped with far fewer mistakes.
  • Attractive Packaging: Your provider can create custom-made boxes that look amazing, yet create them in bulk to save you money. 

Contact Elite OPS to Get Your Kitting and Assembly Service Started

Your firm is brilliant at designing your products and connecting with your customers. And a fulfillment provider like Elite OPS can give you more time to do those things, along with saving you money on packaging costs and kitting costs.

Elite OPS has been in this business for more than 25 years. We serve companies in Utah and Atlanta with third-party supply chain logistics. We’ll take personal care of you through expert staff members and advanced technology. Whatever your situation, we can help you scale to any size at an affordable price.

It’s essential to choose the right kitting and assembly service for you. Call us now to get started and get a free quote from Elite OPS today.

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