Increase eCommerce Sales With Email Receipt Marketing.

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You Can Increase eCommerce Sales With Email Receipt Marketing.

Whenever your customer buys anything from your online store, they get an email receipt and they read it to make sure the transaction went well. Email receipts are an excellent(and maybe untapped) marketing opportunity for an eCommerce store. They have a vast potential of sales or lead generation. They are an incredible way to stay connected with customers and increase eCommerce sales.

When a customer buys from you, their trust in your brand is at it’s highest level and you can use that moment to:

  • Offer a discount code to entice them for a future purchase
  • Upsell related products
  • Promote your social media accounts
  • Set up a feedback/review loop to get a clearer understanding of your customer’s tastes and preferences as well as your checkout flow
  • Enable customers to share their purchase on social networks
  • Enhance customer experience


Here are 4 Great Tips to leverage the power of email receipt marketing to increase eCommerce sales without increasing costs.

Upsell Related Products in email receipts

With a focus to increase eCommerce sales, you can harness the potential of email receipts to cross sell and upsell complementary products to your customers. You can use this marketing strategy to:

  • Sell related products
  • Sell accessories that complement the purchase
  • Give customers the option for a subscription purchase
  • Offer the choice to buy it as a gift for a loved one

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Offer a Discount Code in email receipts

With a discount code, you are enticing the customer to come back and get a discount on their next purchase. Statistics reveal that 44% of email receipts that enclosed a coupon code prompted at least one purchase in 2014.

Savings are savings, and they always attract customers. Besides using coupons as a promotional tool, you can use them to:

  • Track sales for marketing campaigns
  • Attract online and offline customers
  • Offer time-sensitive discounts

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Promote your Social Media accounts in email receipts

What would be a better way to promote your social networking accounts than email receipts that get into your customers’ Inbox safely and are definitely read? Include links to your social media accounts in the email footer or content of the email receipt to stay connected with customers.

Some other ideas include:

  • Refer a friend and get $1 off on your next purchase
  • Share with 10 friends to get an amazing 20% discount on your next order
  • Refer a friend and get your next order for free if they make a purchase

Test a few different strategies to determine the best ones that increase eCommerce sales for your store.

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Get customers to Share Feedback immediately in email receipts

Customer satisfaction is imperative to increase eCommerce sales. Try including a feedback loop to get paying customers to share their views and their experience of purchasing from you. This will serve two purposes – give you an idea as to how your product/brand is faring with customers and give you insight into your purchase flow.

You may want to include a few questions for the customer to answer:

  • What was your overall buying experience?
  • Do you feel the product is fairly priced?
  • When do you expect the product would be delivered?
  • Did they experience any problem in the checkout process?
  • How did you find this store?

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Bottom Line

Harness the power of email receipt marketing to increase eCommerce sales. You are sending your customers an email that is not SPAM, and will definitely be read. What better way to promote your products!


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