Streamline Shipping for Your Subscription eCommerce Store to Save on Shipping Costs.

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Shipping challenges can become a huge roadblock in your success in the eCommerce market. It is important to streamline shipping and the entire fulfillment process to overcome any and all challenges and convince customers to shop with you while reducing unnecessary hassles and headaches.


Consider Shipping Timing

When it comes to streamlining shipping, it may help to consider changing the timing of shipping. Monday is the biggest shipping day as all orders received over the weekend are shipped in the beginning of the week. In order to avoid getting caught up in the shipping rush and pickup and delivery delays, it may help to choose a different day for shipping orders or stagger shipments over specific days throughout the week.

Besides, eCommerce subscription businesses prefer to ship orders during the month’s first two weeks. This means the same manpower can be deployed for preparing for the next month’s orders or for processing returns.

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Tracking Data is Vital

A very high volume of shipping is involved in eCommerce businesses on a daily basis. That could make it difficult to address delivery problems, especially if details are lost during transit. Here is where the importance of tracking numbers comes into play.

In order to streamline shipping and address this issue, it is critically important to save the tracking numbers assigned by the carrier for each package in your fulfillment software or shipping report or even in an Excel spreadsheet. Keep it handy. Doing so will help locate the numbers conveniently in the event of a customer inquiry or a lost package. This will be a step toward improving customer service.

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Take Organization to the Next Level

Streamline all of your efforts toward the fulfillment process. Make sure you do not have to wait until you are flooded with orders. It may help to have adequate shipping supplies ready to go for at least one month in advance. This will help you avoid a sudden shortage.

Analyze your sales for previous months and make an estimate as to how much sales are expected for the next month and how much help you might need to fulfill orders. Do not forget to factor in different variables, including upcoming holiday deals and special promotions.

Some eCommerce subscription businesses do not hesitate to shut down their websites to catch up on fulfilling orders. This is the biggest mistake made by such businesses to make the most of their growing sales. If sales are rolling in, would you make the mistake of turning off that faucet?

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Bottom Line

Streamline shipping and fulfillment for your subscription eCommerce business and you will see a boost to sales and revenue. A high efficiency and low error rate outsourced order fulfillment partner like Elite OPS can further help to boost efficiency and reduce fulfillment costs.



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