Delivery Mistakes WILL SHUT DOWN your eCommerce Business!

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Failure to ensure timely and accurate deliveries to customers could prove to be one of the biggest delivery mistakes for your eCommerce business. Your warehousing and fulfillment center holds the key to your eCommerce business success in this age of cut-throat competition.

Irrespective of the SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) you hold, the success of your business lies in organizing things in the right way so employees can Pick Pack and Ship the products within good time and ensure timely deliveries, without delay or mistakes.

While clothing, shoes, accessories, and electronics remain the most popular items bought online, customers are interested to try out unique items, groceries, and basic commodities for daily use too. According to this Nielsen study titled “The Future of Grocery” (PDF), grocery products are fast becoming the number one choice in online shopping, with one-quarter of respondents ordering the same while 55% showing keen interest to do so in the future.

However, things may quickly go wrong in the online marketplace, especially if customers do not get the goods they had ordered and the delivery is unnecessarily delayed.

No customer is willing to go back to an online store with which they have had an unpleasant delivery experience and no positive recourse. The key to building a relationship with customers is to deliver what they need exactly when they need it and ensure they get the correct item delivered in the time promised. One delivery mistake and shoppers are off to your competitors. Unless you master the steps to a successful and easy returns policy, nothing can save you.

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Inventory Management

A solid inventory management system is a crucial part of a fulfillment center, providing easy management with immediate and timely stock updates. Tracking sales trends is a part of the process of any inventory management system. When you have this info at your fingertips, so you know when items need to be reordered and how much inventory to hold.

We can also identify the most efficient and productive employees with inventory management systems. Remember, efficiency is crucial to order fulfillment – getting the right item delivered to the customer’s door right away will give you an edge over the competition. So it would be a good idea to spend money on an efficient warehouse and inventory management system to promote your online business.

With a good system, it is easier to outline the efficient order picking routes. This can help reduce mispicks and delivery mistakes, ensuring orders are delivered on time.

All delivery mistakes directly translate into lost customers, wasted man hours, duplicate shipping costs, higher number of frustrated customers, and additional product time. Angry customers are unlikely to come back for more.

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Bottom Line

One big step to avoiding delivery mistakes lies with maintaining inventory through online warehouse management solutions and meeting customer demand to keep new and existing customers happy and satisfied. The other major step is to make sure your fulfillment center is experienced enough with all these systems to make it worth your while and to be an asset for your eCommerce business.


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