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The mobile platform is fast becoming the most preferred shopping and transaction channel. Statistics released by Adobe reveal that shopping has gone mobile, with the top eCommerce sites generating their maximum sales from mobile transactions last year. Mobile sales hit $1 billion in the last Thanksgiving weekend. So if you are looking to boost mobile commerce, you cannot do well without a mobile-friendly website. If you have a mobile app, you certainly have an edge.


Tips To Boost Sales on Mobile Commerce

1. Integrate your site with A CDN

A website that takes longer than 3 seconds risks losing half of its visitors, says a Google study. By optimizing your site and integrating the platform with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can improve its performance.

A CDN caches site resources in distributed servers worldwide, helping a page load faster and thus reducing the lag time because browsers can easily (and quickly) fetch resources from your server.

When you use a CDN, visitors get immediate access to high quality data and images on your site.

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2. Make search easier

When a prospective customer lands on your site, make sure they can easily navigate through the platform and find the products they have come to your site for. It would help to allow various search and sort filters, besides having a well-structured navigation. Is your search bar prominent?

Is it lost in the navigation bar?

The search feature must be at the top of your site’s home page when viewed from a mobile.

It’s a good idea to enable search suggestions. This will enable a quick experience for viewers.

Allow for different search filters at the top or as a floating button, making it easier for visitors to narrow down their choices. These steps will certainly help boost mobile commerce sale.

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3. Write useful descriptions

It’s the product descriptions that can do all the sales talking on behalf of your sales team. Do your product descriptions clearly communicate features and benefits?

When you place clear, concise, and optimized descriptions on your site, it gives viewers a quick snapshot of the product. Additionally, it can help boost your eCommerce store’s ranking in the search engines.

Use powerful titles that instantly appeal to the audience.

It is a good idea to have a list of bullet points for basic details. Do not make it look overly complicated for visitors.

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4. Encourage buyers to leave product reviews

Product reviews give potential buyers a clear picture of what a product is actually like. When reviews come from users, it does create a sense of trust. Today, consumers are willing to explore a product and get insights from peers before making a final purchase decision.

There are many online marketing services available to create user-generated reviews. Make the most of them when the actual buyers are conservative about sharing their feedback.

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5. Make checkout easier

A complicated checkout process makes it difficult for shoppers to make a purchase. Having a multi-page checkout format is just like discouraging buyers.

This is one reason many online consumers to abandon their shopping carts.

Have a speedy, one-click, and single page checkout process gives you a clear advantage.

Additionally, be explicit about payment details, so there are no hidden surprises for customers.

When you guarantee a better user experience, you have already taken a step toward bossoting mobile commerce sales.


Bottom Line

As much as possible ensure that your online store is mobile friendly and optimized for the best possible experience and usability. Make it easy to look at products, and quick and painless to checkout. With all the right boxes checked, you are sure to boost mobile commerce.


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