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Elite OPS specializes in a variety of Kitting and Assembly services

If you are looking for a partner to streamline your product’s time-to-market operations, look no further. With over 25 years of experience in Kitting and Assembly, Elite OPS can help increase efficiency and get your product ready for your customers in record time.

We have worked on a wide variety of kitting and assembly projects for our clients. Our highly trained team coupled with efficient process management, can handle any job quickly and cost effectively. We want to save you time and money!

These are some of our Kitting and Assembly services:

  • Multi-Media Kits
  • Point Of Purchase Assembly
  • Standard Kitting Assembly
  • Complex Kitting and Fulfillment
  • One-to-One Fulfillment (personalized components)
  • E-Fulfillment (digital libraries to pull the pieces together)
  • Palletizing

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Customized Kitting and Order Fulfillment Services

Elite OPS excels in product Kitting and Assembly Services. We are able to meet or exceed the needs of our diverse client base. Our specialized assembly, fulfillment and distribution services give our clients the edge they need to grow in the current tight market. We can assemble your product and also pack and ship it out to your customers using our Order Fulfillment Services.

We work with:

  • Electronics Kitting, Assembly and Packaging
  • Multi Level Marketing Kits
  • Cosmetics Packaging
  • Subscription Box Programs
  • Healthcare Enrollment Materials
  • Seminar Training Printing and Presentations
  • Marketing Promotions

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Solving Product Assembly Problems

At Elite OPS we are all about solving problems for our clients. Our experienced team looks out for potential problems that could occur in the kitting and assembly process. By continually monitoring our processes, we are able to isolate problems, and re-group and formulate a better process to ensure a high level of success. There are always contingency plans. This problem solving quality is key to our speed and reliability in our kitting and assembly process.


Bottom Line

By leveraging our Kitting, Assembly, and Packaging services, our clients are able to deliver excellent product quality to their customers. We increase their product quality and save them time and money. That directly affects the bottom line!


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