3 Quick Tips For Holiday Email Marketing.

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The holiday season is here and consumers are receiving more and more emails from businesses trying to market their products to them. The months and weeks leading on to the holiday season are some of the the busiest times for marketing. They are also the prime time for your marketing emails to simply get lost in the crowd with so many other emails flooding inboxes.

Email marketing is very cost efficient and can help significantly in conversions. It’s free to send emails and using free and paid email marketing tools, you can easily track email opens and clicks on links in order to get very good analytics information for improving your email marketing.


Here are a few of the most important email marketing tips.


1. Your Email Address database must be up to date

It is not enough to simply send out emails to all the contacts in your database anymore. Sending out a thousand emails to dead email addresses is as good as not doing anything. Your email address database must be cleansed regularly. Any emails that came back undelivered previously must be deleted or moved to another dead leads database. Any recipients who had requested to Unsubscribe must be removed promptly.

Also, you need to find out which of your recipients are unresponsive to your emails. Meaning they have never opened your email, or clicked on any links. Specialized free and paid email marketing software and services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact can help you do this.

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2. Email Subject Line Must Be Direct and Clear

With customers receiving more and more emails everyday, the subject line is what most recipients read first. After that, the email with a vague subject line either sits in the Inbox for a while or gets deleted right away, along with your conversion hopes. Most people get their emails on their phones too, and the subject line is what they see first. Even on desktop computers, the subject line is front and center.

Your subject line must convey your message short and sweet. You must grab their attention and differentiate your email from the rest. Make them want to open that email and engage with you!

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3. Always Personalize Email Content

Generic, one-size-fits-all emails will not get you good conversion rates anymore. People get so many emails these days, they will not respond if the content does not interest them. You need to use customer data like purchases, location, cart size and more in order to personalize email content related to them. Basically, you want to know their interests. If they bought a certain type of product, then they may be interested in a similar product that you are launching soon.

If you sell subscription products, the holiday season is the best time to introduce online shoppers to your subscription box services. Show them promotional videos of your products and how it all works on your Facebook and Instagram networks. It’s a great gift giving idea and just getting a few consumers hooked on your subscription products will help grow your subscription model in the long run.


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