Use Free Samples to Boost Sales For Your eCommerce Business.

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Who doesn’t like getting free samples? Everyone loves getting free stuff. It’s a great way to boost sales.

As an entrepreneur, you may be looking for strategies to use free samples in your eCommerce business. A free trial offers potential users the opportunity to see what the product or service is all about and how it works. When you offer a good product that provides value to consumers, they are sure to convert.

Here are four easy ways to use free samples for your business:

1. Part of branding and customer outreach

Free samples make great branding items. By offering samples, you improve your chances of sales. Additionally, you can make samples part of your broader marketing plan, just like Costco, which offers free food samples. You can offer free sample in return for a potential customer to join your mailing list which can be great for customer outreach for sales and marketing. What better way to attract lifelong customers than offering free samples?

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2. Bonus for Customers

Free samples second as a bonus gift. This amounts to tempting customers to get more than what they paid for. To a business, it’s the best strategic way to expand their reach and sell more to each customer. Once a customer has used a product sample, there is a higher chance of them purchasing the same than those who are completely new to it. Someone new to your product would have to pay for trying out the service or product and so they may be hesitant.

By offering samples for free to each customer, you are tempting them to try out your other products. Imagine if each of these shoppers buys at least one product after their pleasant experience with the sample, your business has succeeded in doubling the value of each customer.

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3. Kick-start your new business

Startups may find it challenging to attract attention. When you start a new venture, it is in your best interest to offer product samples for free. Offering free samples can help you grab eyeballs, create buzz, and make waves, tempting consumers to try your sample for free and spread the word about your new business. Your Free samples could be a smaller quantity of your product or a short free trial period if you sell a service. Free trials are almost guaranteed to get your foot in the door.

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4. Sponsor an event

Sponsoring events and offering samples is a great branding tactic, because you connect face to face with your potential customers. Free samples are like a versatile promotional tool and thus make perfect sponsors for an event. By offering free use of your product, event attendees get to try and immediately buy your product. Sales can be quick and easy at such events, as long as your product is what they are looking for at the particular event.

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Bottom Line

If you think your product or service gives good value to your customers, definitely try a Free Trial promotion. You may also use current client testimonials to enforce your value proposition to new prospects and help them convert to using your product or service.


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