5 Great Tips for Better eCommerce Conversions.

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As an online business, you must always be looking to boost your eCommerce conversion rate. After all, it’s the conversion rate that counts at the end of the day, translating into customers and sales. This directly affects your bottom line and ROI. eCommerce conversions include everything from newsletter subscriptions to purchasing products, which show that visitors are interested in your products or offerings and they want to engage with you.


Here are 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rate


1. Go Mobile

With the proliferation of mobiles throughout the world, today’s consumers are mobile, using their smartphones(and tablets) to surf the Internet or browse through various eCommerce stores. In fact, a study conducted by Google and Nielsen found that a staggering 93% of shoppers using mobile for researching a product end up making a purchase later on a mobile device or desktop. So what does this mean? In order to convert this group of shoppers, you must try to harness mobile technology and make your eCommerce store compatible with mobile devices, so it loads seamlessly on any device with mobile internet speed.

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2. Use Eye Catching Images

As an eCommerce store, your goal is to convince shoppers to shop with you. Using attractive images that capture the attention of your audience and speak out “Shop” will help in boosting eCommerce conversions. Try to improve product images in order to make them attractive to potential buyers by

  • Using good quality(and size) images that load immediately without a glitch
  • Enabling shoppers to zoom in an image for a closer view before they hit the purchase button
  • Removing the backgrounds or keeping them consistent; images with heavy backgrounds may experience loading problems

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3. Make Search Easy

When you are eyeing boosting your eCommerce conversions, make it easier for shoppers to find exactly what they want. Use a search bar feature where customers can look for products with front and back office tools, facilitating their search even if they aren’t familiar with the item name.

  • Your front office could include an option to filter by product attributes, including size, price, and color, so that they are not overwhelmed with your product catalog.
  • Let your back office be used to refine common search terms, which are often used by customers looking for specific products.

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4. Provide a Seamless Shopping Experience

When your ultimate aim is to convert prospects into buyers, you cannot ignore user experience. After all, it’s the experience with your eCommerce store that counts when a shopper is looking to make a purchase. Make shopping effortless by introducing helpful tools, such as creating links for product comparisons, complementary products, and best deals, among others. Cross selling is a tactic widely used in the eCommerce world today. Offer a complementary product at a discounted price and convince shoppers to purchase more, thus increasing your average cart value!

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5. Incentivize

Offering enticing incentives works most of the time. Customers are more likely to hit the purchase button if they are receiving relatively attractive offers on your site compared to your competition. You can always use the free shipping offer for regular customers to keep them coming. Get new customers to sign up with your newsletter in return for an attractive free shipping offer. Use reward and referral points to keep your store attractive to your customer base and increase eCommerce conversions. Nothing attracts a shopper more than a free offer! Last but not least, don’t forget to promote yourself at different places, be it the social media or your branding pages.

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Bottom Line

Making the shopping experience easy for your customers is key. They need to be able to find what they want in your online store easily and they should be able to browse your store without any hassle on all platforms, mobile or desktop. Master that and you will guarantee a high eCommerce conversion rate.


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