eCommerce Sales Are Going to Skyrocket for Holidays 2021.

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The 2021 holiday season is forecast to be another record-breaking year in sales, as there is still a cloud of uncertainty due to the apprehensions surrounding the spread of the Delta Coronavirus strain. Online shopping is, therefore, likely to be the first choice for shoppers for the holiday shopping season. eCommerce sales will skyrocket this season.


Go Big on eCommerce

There are strong reasons to believe that the eCommerce magic will continue to bewitch the shopping world this holiday reason.

1. Consumers want to shop from the security of their homes

Although many consumers have shown preference for shopping in-store during the holidays, more than 57% still plan to shop online. One reason for this preference for online shopping could be the recent increase in COVID-19 cases due to the spread of the Delta variant. So everyone wants to be safe and cautious as far as shopping is concerned.

2. Consumers show preference for online shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Similar to the last holiday season, shoppers are showing inclination toward online shopping to avoid the traditional rush. This gives them the opportunity to shop to their heart’s content while enjoying the safety of their homes.

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3. Shoppers want to shop earlier

Some of the top 2021 forecasts show that consumers are happy to start their shopping in advance. That means a longer holiday season for both sides. While shoppers will have a lot to explore, retailers can get a clear picture of the demand for different products. It is a great opportunity to be more responsive to the ongoing trends and avoid bottlenecks in processing and fulfillment.

4. Convenience is still King

Online shopping is another name for convenience shopping as consumers can browse for as many items as they want without having to step out of their homes. Add to this the advantage of free and/or fast delivery. So end-to-end shopping becomes the first choice for consumers.

Consumers have shown preference for virtual showrooms. Second on the list of online shopping preference is augmented/virtual reality tools. Consumers also love the live stream shopping experience. Video consultations follow next.

So it would help brands to enhance their VR and AR offerings to add to the holidays 2021 shopping fun and experience.

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Take these BIG Steps To Kick Off the Holiday Season BIG!

Scalable fulfillment strategy is the need of the hour

Merchants must focus on handling demand fluctuations. But this includes managing both rapid rise in orders and scaling down labor and storage when demand drops. This is crucial to avoid unnecessary infrastructure expenses for the rest of the year.

Unified inventory can save time

During the holiday season, eCommerce stores should focus on preparing their store for curbside pickup, which means orders are fulfilled by the store closest to the consumer’s destination. This saves time while ensuring that customers get their shipment in time.

It is estimated that click and collect are likely to be $10 billion more than 2020 as more and more shoppers show willingness for socially distanced options. Therefore, online stores should brace up for the increased pressure to boost eCommerce sales.

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Be flexible with returns and do returns RIGHT

Retailers should focus on making their returns policy flexible and make it easier for shoppers to return products within a specified timeline. When you extend the returns deadline over a longer period, it is easier to put products back on the shelf.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an era of uncertainty, which drives shopping habits. As a result, consumers are more confident to shop online than step out of the comfort of their home, eCommerce sales are expected to increase during holidays 2021. Now the ball is in the court of retailers to replenish their holiday inventory stocks quickly to align with the needs of shoppers.


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