Appreciate Your Customers Year Round and Get Loyal Customers Year Round.

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The Holiday Shopping Season is almost winding down now. From being super busy to taking some time off at the end of the year, the slower pace will be a relief for most. It’s the right time to think about your customer appreciation strategy now. Then in January, get connected with your new and repeat customers to show them your appreciation.

Customers are the lifeline of your business. Show them appreciation for being with you and they will turn into loyal brand ambassadors forever. Sounds too too easy or too good to be true? Surveys reveal that consumers want to stay with a brand if the brand has a personal and authentic voice.


Treat Every Day as the Most Special Day

Your brand must earn the trust of your customers in order to stay relevant and remembered in the constantly changing retail landscape. It is a good idea to treat every day as special and important. Failure to respond timely to queries or complaints is not the right approach. Consistent communication holds the key to lasting fruitful relationships with customers.

Start with establishing best practices for giving timely replies, because customers expect to hear from you at the earliest. One great idea is to have a special anniversary email for your customer on the day they first became your customer. Thank them for being your customer.

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Include Your Values and Passion

What are the values that define your business? Remember, it is your values that clearly reflect the soul of your business. Show your passion and commitment to a worthy cause and give consumers reasons to love your brand. Back your social-political causes all the way.

Like minded customers are more than likely to share your motivational message in their social media networks. These efforts can win hearts and more so, lifelong customers or brand advocates.

A study done by Forbes reveals that Americans are 8.1% more likely to purchase from a company that shares their opinions and are 8.4% less likely to purchase from a company that doesn’t.

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Incentivize Loyalty

It has been said time and again that retaining your existing customers is easier and more cost effective than attracting new ones. Repeat customers are much easier to convert and they tend to spend more per order. They help build up your brand, and require less marketing and organizational spend as they already had the good experience that you offered them and are satisfied and loyal.

The best way to influence second-time purchases is to provide an excellent experience and engage new customers immediately. How do you plan to incentivize or reward loyal customers or vocal advocates for your brand?

To showcase its gratitude to its Instagram followers, Birchbox offered giveaways and exclusive first looks to its existing customers. When you reward customers for their brand loyalty, you take a step toward not only keeping them coming back for more but also spreading the word about your business.

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Bottom Line

It’s all about listening to your audience, rewarding loyalty, building a loyal stream of customers, and using a personalized touch to look special in the eyes of your followers and get an edge over the competition. Do all that and it will boost your customer loyalty.



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